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great pic
Thank you so much!
Hi hun, I'm new to this site... just wanted to say what a lovely pic that is'
Can you give me some pointers? I am Marring a man from Tunisia I live in America what do i need for us to get married please I am desperate.. Thanks Theresa
Nice pic x
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i can not believe how many european women i see with tunisian men, men that are usually half the woman's age or more, are you ladies going round with blinkers and rose coloured glasses on, can you not see what is happening to you, you are being used, all they are interested in is your money and a visa, as soon as they have those , they will be gone, and don't believe for one moment that any of the sweet talk is the truth, it's a con, and you are the one being conned, no i am not a woman who has learned the hard way that they are nothing but love rat's, i am a man and i have traveled with my wife to many part's of the world, and we have seen many thing's, we have traveled to tunisia more times than i can remember and i have watched as the the country slowly destroys itself, these are desperate times for tunisian men, and desperate times mean desperate measures, and you are the desperate measure, dont give him money and dont send him money, if you do you will be just another woman that sends him money, just like the woman he picked up last week with the same sob story, if you are one of these women that that has been reeled in and are doing exactly what i have listed above, and i know he seems genuine, but if you want to sure that you are the only one and there is no one else, LOOK IN HIS PHONE, remember he speaks several languages and he is not fussy who he picks on, all he see's is easy money, the cash machine, YOU.

You'll get some stick for that but I agree wholeheartedly!
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Awww...beautiful! :) xxx
Nice Picture, this is the life& the life for all just B care

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