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    Am mary ,
    i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will like to know you more and i want you to send an email to my mail([email protected]) so that i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am,waiting
    hi laura hope you are well just to tell you we got the visa and iwas on some benefits your situation helped me to stay positive take care xx.
    its so difficult hun i know my sons dad got terminal cancer my dad got bladder cancer having big operation next week and chemo and like u all my family work but i will fight to the end to get my hubby here if it comes to it.ive always said in the end it comes down to finances not how long u been together how many visits u made etc.my friend just been refused on finances and it said on her refusal she didnt have enough money to keep her hubby and his daughter they need to look again as he does not have a daughter now where do they get that from obvious they make big mistakes.
    i been struggling to find work as child care so expensive and my family all work i stated this to judge i think if i had done alot of the work i done for hearing we would of been fine but also the judge did state embassy didnt do there job propley xxx
    hey hunni, it was defently alot harder to do than other peoples visa because of the benefits........ but main things to think about are can u get hubby a job offer (he doesnt actually have to start it if u know what i mean, or maybe a 3rd party sponsor meaning someone who will say they will help support your hubby, i also proved i could not move to tunisia as my childrens dad was going to have me arressted for kidnap...... its been along procegure but we finally got there were just wanting for embassy to call him now to collect visa xxx
    hey hunni, i was just reading some post on here and would like to say think positive im on full benefits with 3 children yes my hubbies visa was refused but he has now been allowed visa threw appeal court there are ways around it xxx
    Dear Members of Tunisia Community.com,

    I record my best wishes for all Tunisia Community members.


    Engr.Muhammad Ayub,
    at Riyadh,KSA.
    Hello hunnie, sorry it has taken ages to reply i have been soo busy with work... Hunnie your more than welcome when i saw what she said and what was going on there was no way on this earth i could not tell you, i just had to think of the best way to tell you either pm or on that thread.. Aahh im so happ for you both, you have both been through a terrible time which you should not have been through, but it shows how much you both love each other as your still together and stronger than ever!!
    Aahh what date are you getting married, im over in spetember so if our about maybe we could meet??
    Yes im fine thank you and my husband is great im going over in july cant wait to see him, im missing him so bad right now.. Well hope you and your husband to be are fantastic, take care hunnie, speak soon xxxx
    Hello amirah hope your well.. I have replied to your post on the wedding experiences but i thought i would post you a message on here to.. If you are the amirah from another site then it was me that confirmed a few things for you and if you are im so happy that your now planning your wedding fro spetember!! That has brought a huge smile to my face today!! Hope all is good hun xxx
    How long has A been at saadia? I may know him (in a good way :D) x
    hi amirah how r u , thanks for ur message and its good to hear all is good with A .. thats real good news hey something good hey ... thank u for the lovely comment on the pics of my wedding i did have them on her ebut at the moment i am havn a reall bad week and i took them off i feel all was goin good for us and me and then boom all has gone crashn since im here home ...i am very sad and i wish my hubby was with me now but soon ill go collect him wich will be so good and cant wait either ... if u want u can pm me on facebook anytime ok ..xxx
    hi amirh how are you , i hear also liberty and kuriat palace are ok for unmarried couples a si knwo a few ppl that have stayed there .... xx
    hi how ar e you , yes they r my friends , jodie and arbi rnt together really he has been doin to many lies so they have just become friends a dhe is not in saadia either , my husband said that anis isnot in saadia no more so i cant say wether true or false tho i was there 3 days ina row wed,thur,fri but i am not sure who anis is till i have apic then i can say if i saw him , there r new animation there to but pikachou,dali and the other two r there plus some more as they walked bak in about two weeks asked for their jobs and arbi and the others left as they alll dont ge ton aprently ... but u will se when u r bak ,, yeah sarah and alex ,joyce and hamdi and joyce and arbi i know all and met a whole more th eother day too in saadia that r on here too..hope u have a good trip and enjoy ur time ..xx
    hi sian no im not on facebook i came to saadia just after your wedding but you were still there thats where i met sara and alex.i think your friends are hamdi and joice i met them in december at tunisia in airport i was with anis and we flew back to england the same day.i go back to tunisia in february 17 for two staying in saadia i also know your friend jodie who is with arbe.good luck to you and ash for the future and stay in touch take care yourselves xxx
    hi how r u i just read ur message u me tme briefly really in saadia in my wedding day i dont remebr only if i see apic of you .. are you on face book if so ad dme on please im under sian carmelitta marce ayed ..xxxx
    hi amirah how are you i wa sjust visiting saadia as i stay in the family home of my husband but i can pass a message to a friend of mine thats there and tell him ... this message ... i hope u r well and take care ..xxx
    Hi Amirah,

    Welcome to the forum
    hello Amirah have a nice time posting x x Nela
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