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  • Annie, so glad everything went well for you. Just take it easy. How the family. As for me doing well. Playing lotto so I can buy a home in jendouba. Love it!!! I want to go back soon, but not possible at the moment. Take care oxoxo
    Your more than welcome, because your worth it x x x
    Oh annie i am so pleased that the operation went well, i am also pleased that it went the way you wanted it too and that you feel better than the last operation..Try and put your feet up Hun and try not too worry about a thing, your health is the most important thing right now, well it is the only precious thing in life.Thank you for updating me, fingers crossed that you make a speedy recovery but i am sure that it will take time, lots of hug and love coming your way x x x
    Annie, How are you and the family doing? I hope all is well with you. Just thinking about you. Miss you and get better lots of love and hugs for you.
    Hi Annie how are you feeling ? Thinking about you , i hope that everything goes well for you.x x
    Annie, how are you doing. Praying for you and hoping all is well with you and your family.
    Hi Annie hope that you are as well as can be expected!! I know that it is short notice but maybe it is better rather than it being a long way off and then you will be thinking about it all the time which is normal, thinking of you x x x
    Annie, soon it will be over and i will have my finger cross and will be praying for you. Yes everyone worries for the one they love. I'm good and also my family. And loving my husband eachday.
    Wow!!! short notice!!! How are you doing and how is your love one doing. Praying for you and please!!! keep ur spirts up and always think postive.
    Annie thank you for sharing. I will be praying for you!!! Try to take it easy. Is hard not to forget but try to not think so much and enjoy life to the fullest.
    Sharing and caring for others is the most beautiful thing that forms friendship x x
    Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
    Hi Annie thank you for letting me know, Thinking of you and you just sent a shiver up my spine, i really do pray that you get better..So does that mean around the 30 June/14 July that you will be having this done ? I wish you all the health in the world x x
    Hey!!! Annie hope all goes well for you!!!!
    Hi Annie i have heard that this is a great hospital and i must admit from what i see on the TV they look really caring ..Hope all goes well x x
    Hi Annie hope that you are as well as can be expected, i will be thinking of you on Thursday please let me know...
    How comes the operation will take place in Liverpool, my brother lives in Waltern, Liverpool..
    Take care x x
    Just keep your head up and think positive. I will be praying for you. As I seen your pic you seem like a stronger women. And have a loving husband by your side. I hope you have a wonderful weekends as well. I searching to see if i can find a home to rent for next year in his home town. Cos i don't want to stay in a hotel again.
    Annie think postive plz you just gave me goose bump!! reading this message. we been having the same type of weather here also.
    Yes!! Is hard justing him and his family on the cam when they come with him to the net. I'm planning my trip for next year. If hard for me because I have my family here and my kids are all school age.
    Hi -i'm ok -have appointment with doctor in Liverpool on Thursday to know my fate.Hope you 0k.Weather was hot here but now we are going to get rain for 1 week according to the weather forecast.!!!
    Good Afternoon!!! How are you doing and how is your family!!! How is coming along. With you. As for me I'm good and well as his family.
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