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  • hi annie, ur photos are nice! :)
    congratulations on your wedding :)
    Thanks Annie, The wedding will be later on this year, give us time to get things sorted out. 1-3 months? Is that how long they must wait? wow! Such a shame seeing as you cant fly. I hope that he gets it soon. Back to work today, such a come down after all the excitement! Have to get looking for my next flight! take care xxx
    Hi.Congratulations and best wishes to you. When are you getting married then.Glad you had a happy time it must be horrible to be back.i am much better now.Anis went to the embassy on the 30th april for the visa- they said they would contact him in 1-3 months.They wont let me fly till about sept so i really hope he has the visa.xx
    Hi Annie
    well thats me back and officially engaged! Had a wonderful time with all the family and my friends, he did the traditional thing on bended knee etc with averyone there! Got a really lovely diamond ring Im so happy! How are you getting on? Felling much better I hope xxx
    hi annie did u manage to find out how much your hubby paid today at the embassy?, we're going on wednesday to put the documents in. take care mel xx
    thanks Annie, trying to keep my nails nice and not bite them down with the nerves! A couple of Jack daniels will do the trick on the day ha ha!!! Hope that anis gets his visa quickly. I will let you know how things go when I get back, take good care of yourself xxx
    Hi Annie so sorry to hear of your illness, hope that you are getting better. off to sousse on sunday to get engaged. Is your hubby over here with you yet? Take Care xx
    I am so sorry to hear this , may god give you the strenght to make a full recovery..x
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do..
    ok thanks annie, x just applying at the mo
    Sounds like my kind of wedding! £500ish not too bad! What did you wear? Which restaurant did you go to? Sorry for all the questions but I really have not got a clue! Hope that he hears about his visa quickly. Are you planning on living over here? x
    Hi Annie. Sounds like you had a great day. That is the kind of day I want - no fuss!!!! Wissem and I are doing great, Im going over on 26th April so can't wait! The big proposal will be then with all the family present! Did your wedding cost a lot? I have no idea about prices etc!!!!! When do you apply for the sett visa? xx
    hi annie, do you know if tunisian visitors on a holiday visa have to fly from tunis to london or can they come in to manchester, thanks hun
    Hi Annie, so happy to hear that you got married. Bet it was a lovely day. Did it take much organising? and where did you do it? x
    Hi Annie...Hope you're well?? i will send you a pm at some point today. Not long til you go now, i still got 12 days to wait, hoping they will fly by LOL.. xxxx
    Hi annie, you all set to go? Not long for you now! I've got 15 days, can't wait!
    Thanks very much for info. Yes I go every 3 months but have not been since june as My bf was coming here in Nov.
    Hi Annie No I'm not married, just see a guy out there, have not been with him long. The apts are Dreams residence in Hammam Sousse. You can Email straight to [email protected] Just tell Janice that Diana gave you the Address, she will know me! Do you go over often? xx
    i have been going for 6 years . I have a boyfriend there. He has just gone home last wed after being here for 2 weeks on a holiday visa.He came last year as well. What is the int site for appartment please. R u married ??.XX
    I booked it on the internet after I came back. I'm there from 31st Dec till 9th Jan. Are you going out to meet with someone? Or going with friends? xx
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