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  • Good morning BM hope that you and your family are all in good health! It is so good to see you on, you are missed very much x x
    You bring out the aseel in me x x
    Welcome back, it is so nice to see you on here and i mean that Oxi mou belle x x x
    Hello :)

    What WHAT lol - oh, am I the cause for lulz? :p
    Hello :)

    I realize you probably don't care much for this band but who cares :p Their board is an absolute blast:

    Muse Messageboard - Powered by vBulletin

    Come join me and you can start a thread for Tunisia too. :D
    thanks darling!!!
    u feelin OK now?
    i will fone u 2 moro and c wot wot about this week end ok ~ I will txt u ~
    Aahh im so glad!! I love your posts and al your fantastic advice you have given me in the past!! Yeah im not on as much as i would like to be but glad that you still make it, did miss your posts xxxx
    Hello BM hope your well lovely!! I have just got back from tunisia and randomly looked at your page and i was so pleased to see that i can write on it!! Woo hoo!! Just wanted to say really i hope your well and that we are still talking ect xxxxx
    yeah!!!! lol when and where?????? u got my num lol
    Hello hun hope your ok hun!! Can i be the secret forth lol?? xx
    ok babes, no problemo.XXX
    Hi K, hope you're feeling better now - read that you had a bit of a cold. x
    Aww - thanks babes. Just read you aren't well - what's the matter
    no no i've just come for a nosey ;-)
    Hi BM, Had a txt from Dolly, and want to say thanks once again, as I can keep in touch with her now. xx
    i've just posted a thread: sos moderators.......
    read it please, and give me your comments!
    Hi BM, thanks for your Birthday greetings. As for the supprise...I'm still waiting and will be until 1st April !!!! Oh wait April fools day.LOL He's havin a laugh.....But you can bet the last laugh will be mine.
    She e-mailed me today BM, thankyou so much for doing that for me. You are very sweet. xxxxxxxx
    I dont have her on facebook, only her mobile and e-mail. she e-mailed me just before she went to Australia, and I cant get in touch now.If you could do that for me please I would be really grateful. Thankyou BM Paula xxx
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