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    I have no form of communication with his family and for the past three days he has not been answring his mobile phone. He told me that he was having money problems out there and I sent him some money, so once this was received, he cut me off. I now realise that I have been very stupid, but I really loved him.
    I think a lot of things are going on behind my back as he has kept me away from Tunisia for the past 18 months and he says the house in Akouda is rented to a company and two ladies occupy it.

    I have been hurting these past few days and your posts have been really sympathetic and encouraging. I have asked members to recommend a lawyer in Sousse who does not charge the earth and who cannot be bribed. I need to start sorting myself out but dont know how to go about this. Are you from the UK? If so, do you know whether there are lawyers in the UK who can sort out my problem. My husband went to Tunisia 10 July and up until that time we have been living together since August 2004. He has made sure of that. I will continue this correspondence on a new threat as this was too long.
    Caley, I want to accept you as a friend but not sure if I have carried out the right procedure, Please let me know. I could really do with communicating with friends at present. I am hurting inside so much after nine years.
    thanks hun totally gutted yeah appealing hun dsnt cost but not sure how long it takes .... you will be fine and he will be here soon ok and remember hun not everyone is refused ok xxxx keep intouch hun x
    hey hun fingers crossed for you hun ours has been refused on probabilites of him finding work here and me supporting him til he do so xxxxx
    Hi Hun...Thanks :) Im getting excited now. Lots of stuff been done, just gotta do the papers now, but nearer the time. Hows the visa coming along? xxxx
    I know exactly how you feel. This settlement business is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!! ilovebdt
    Hi caley, yes, I am Muslim. I reverted at the beginning of 2008 after years of researching many religions in depth (including my original religion of Catholicism). I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please do not convert to any religion because someone asks you to, or thinks you should, or thinks you'll like it, etc. Religion is a very serious and very personal matter. You and only you should make the decision to convert, and it should be something that you are 100% convinced of, something you believe in 100%, and something that you are 100% ready to do.
    Hi Caley...hubby not applied for his yet. Thought he had but got it wrong. He needs one though. Apparently takes about a week xx
    Hi caley just noticed you were asking about how long it takes for hubbys passport my hubby waited 10 days. Good luck with your visa application hun xx
    Caley pls empty your inbox pls cant send you a pm, well I did so hpe fuly it will come
    Thanks Gigi!! xxxxxx
    Just wanted to congratulate you personally Caley and all the very best for the future to you both xx
    Caley you are a wonderfull couple! Have a nice life ful of love and respect!
    Thanks so much everyone. lovely messages!! xxxx
    very nice pictures Caley.congratulations again and i wish you hapiness and love in your life together
    HI Caley congratulations hope you have a wonderful life together xx
    hi caley ur wedding pics r really pretty :)
    Oh Caley, the pictures of your wedding are just AMAZING!!!
    I wish you all the best in your life, every Joy and Happiness!!!
    congratulation caley and good luck for his visa be strong
    lovely regards
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