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  • Thanks for the translation. I noticed your homepage. Is it your business?
    Merry christmas and a Happy new year 2010 to you and your family full of health, wealth, happiness and plenty of laughter..
    I'm from Essex (Grays). How long have you been married? I've been married a month on saturday, can't believe how quick its gone! xx
    Hi Carly, thanks for the advice! Bet your counting down the hours til saturday! ;-)
    Carly, Hi I hope you don't mind me contacting you but I've just joined and I noticed in the post you did the other day that you live in Edgware, well I'm in Mill Hill. I'm just about to go over to Tunisia to visit my BF for a week as it's a year since we first met. We're going to try for a visitors visa for him later in the year and it would be really good if when he comes (god and the embassy willing) there was someone near by who's been through the same thing.
    That's fab, congrats on the new job! You're about to have a fantastic week!!

    Not sure yet, I like PEK but its pricey. His family stay in Tunis so that's a possibility too.

    Good luck for Monday!

    That's fantastic!! Well my house is up for rental at the mo and as soon as it goes I'm off to my folks for a month or two to save my pennies. Hopefully will be ready to move over mid september. Really excited!

    You must be so excited about your hubby coming over!!! D'you think you'll get your old job back? I'm planning to ask for unpaid leave from mine, not sure what they'll say but its worth asking I think!!! xx
    Congratulations on the visa Carly, I'm really happy for you! All the best! Will you both be coming to the uk at same time? x
    How you feeling hon? Bet you are all excited and nervous at the same time. Miss you both, see you soon xxx
    I am ok hun hun just tired, I won't be coming tp Tunisia this year have wait til next year boo hoo, I so need a hol as well x
    Hey Carly your photos are lovely!!! You make such a wonderful, good looking couple. It was funny to see pizza next to wedding cake x x x All the best for your married life!
    hello hun,

    hows you?

    Kam x
    Thank you everyone
    congratulations for your wedding , u look very beautiful , wish u all the best with your hubby
    Carly your wedding pics are gorgeous. Yous look so happy together. Wishing yous a long and happy future together.
    We are looking forward to it as well - sorry should have warned you that she was around on FB LOL I'd told her about meeting up (we might have to bring her sunlounger too she's generally glued to it :) )
    hey hon hope you get things sorted with the apartment x
    hey hun,

    we was there in december, and have no plans to go back this year, if yr still there next summer I will def love to meet for a drink.

    kam xxxx
    Carly - it will probably be at the Vincci (stayed there a few times) although we are contemplating Carribbean World but as I don't know anyone who has stayed there I'm a little bit hesitant about it although my friend is keener as it's cheaper LOL. Wherabouts in the T zone are you near? We are flying out on May 17th and coffee and cake sounds fab - will let you have my details nearer the time :) how cool
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