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  • Hello hunnie, how are you? Dont worry babes i know what its like, i have not been on here for ages and when i am its like 15minutes at the most.. I love this site and its been a huge help to me and i have me so many wonderful people from here but to me it feels so different now, it has changed... Gone are the days of sitting on here most the day lol but i am working loads to though so dont have the time!! Yes married life is still wonderful missing him like mad but i go over on the 16th set but then back on the 27th - i just miss you hun!! Do you know when your be back after hun? Do you have facebook babes? Well i hope all is ok with you sweetie and hope to meet you soon lol xx
    Hello you!!! WOW i was so surprised to see your message, not heard from you in a while.. I the same though hunnie, i have recently started a new job and im so busy its crazy!! But mine is work work work with no party party lol...
    Aahh when in sept you goin hun il be there then? Ahh i have missed you being on here!!! You have to find time lol.. Nah im back in the uk now went for 10 days in april/may and im back out there the 26th july, 6 weeks tomorrow i cant wait, missing my hubby like crazy!!! Hope your all good hunnie, speak soon, take care xxxxxxxx
    Hello stranger lol, u ok babes??

    Wow have fun catching up, may take you i while lol.... Im really good, got a new job and just been training, but flight and hotel booked for 28th may i cant wait, miss hubby sooo much its untrue!!! Yes i love being wifey to my amazing man!! Just wish i was with him lol... Whats the latest with you hun?? Speak soon lovely, take care xxxxxxx
    Hello hun!!

    How are you?? I have not spoke to in a while.. How is everything?? xx
    i may have to wait ages x
    aww i wish i could go now :'( xx
    i was going bk in march/ april but now its may or if i dont go may im going for 8 weeks in july lol xxx
    hiya yeah i did thanks, im ok, i know ive been busy lately lol. been doing my coursework and that for college and im in wales now with my dad. lol how are you? when you going back to tunisia xx
    hola hun! great to hear from you! good luck catchin up i'm too rubbish can never catch up, by the time i add something theres like 10 new posts :) all is good with me still with my fella glad to hear your good will catch up with you on the posts later if i'm quick enough :) xx
    Hey I noticed yesterday you viewing my profile convo's and today my pics... something going on here? lol
    hey cayden :) hows things with you hope all is well xx
    hi hun, yeah im ok, my dad is getting better na and the horses are keeping me busy as always :) x
    thanks for accepting! :) thanks for the advice too just going to see how it goes for now xxx :)
    thank you!! yeah, i ve learnt that! just busy yourself and try not to think about it! have a good day! xxx
    yeah , thanks chick! just in a bad mood today, cuz just spoke to him and he thinks itll all be ok and he will sort it, but im such a rational person, i need to know how, why bla bla bla lol yeah, i no four winds, i used to have family that lived there. Im in east belfast, just near to holywood. xxx
    yeah, its a ncie story that i dont think will have a happy ending! i just dont see him being allowed here with his criminal record and theres no way basically that i could live out there as much as i love tunsia and all! lol but suppose you can only hope lol where abouts are you from? xxx
    hey! yeah, 2day is awful! such a miserable day! it is so hard especially cuz you just dont know everything and you onli get that limited time! yeah, i 1st met him 10 years ago and were together for 3-4 years and then i met a bf here, i was onli 16, and im certain i wasnt his gf lol it was a summer thing, but we always wrote and talked on the phone. then i didnt see him for the next few years although uive always bn in tunisia every year, some years twice and then this year i met him in the bar and i just thought omg its fate lol so that was august/sept and then i was out for a week on the 18th nov meetin all the family again, was really nice, but i cant deal with the heartbreaking coming home! lol such an essay!! so your no longer with your bf? it is so hard, sometimes i get so p*ssed off! lol xxx
    hey cayden! Thanks! Hows u? Yeah, its very addictive! just reading and helping other people! its really nice. well, my boyfriends in tunisia, but its so difficult as im sure uve been readin my posts! lol
    Thank you hun, ive just checked in on line its all starting to feel real now, im so excited!! Im going to try and get on here a few days after the wedding to catch up so will post ya then xx Take care babe!!! Have a great xmas and new year!! (Just incase i dont go to an internet cafe) xxxx
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