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  • hi as u r the only other person online i just wondered if u had applied online for yr husbands visa and if u had wot date did u put where it asked wot date he wished to travel
    Hi ceecee,

    Just wanted to let you know that i emailed the public visa home office and asked them about my situation.
    If i was to get married to a Tunisian man and i received any type of benefit..for him coming to the uk......and would it stop because i was married.

    This was there reply.....Hope it helps a little.....jeanie x

    No, it does not mean that.

    The sponsor in the UK, that is yourself, may be in receipt of public
    funds. As long as the visa applicant is able to satisfy the Entry
    Clearance Officer that s/he is to be maintained without the sponsor
    claiming additional public funds, the requirement in the Immigration
    Rules that the visa applicant shall not have recourse to public funds
    may be considered to be met.
    Hi Ceecee, just wanted to say that your dress is stunning and you both look so happy. Hope you manage to get everything sorted.
    Hi CeeCee,

    I have just read a post you made a few weeks ago regarding your DLA benefits you receive.
    I am in the same position as you and i wondered how you got on. I have a Tunisian fiancé and i would like him at some point to come to the uk for a visit, but because of what i have read on other posts it doesn't look good because of my DLA, housing benefit...etc .
    I have also read about possibly him coming to be a carer for me.....
    I would appreciate any advice you could give me.
    Many thanks
    just seen your photos and theyre lovely xo
    thank you dalirova...and welcome to Tunisia.com.i hope you will find it as useful here as we all have...xx :)
    I just joined and your pictures gave me a great smile! Best wishes to you!
    thank you soltef...xx
    Beautiful wedding photos,CeeCee!Congrtas!
    just managed a couple for now.I'm still having probs. uploading..:)
    would love to put some pics on but it just wont have it lol..xx:)
    Many congrats, yes I'd like a peep at the photos too :)
    Congratulations and best wishes-look forward to seeing the photos.xxxxxxx
    You are welcome...hope it helps a little...DLA can be a minefield. Good luck xx
    Seems DLA is not an easy one. Check out this site: Immigrationboards.com :: View topic - UK spouse visa help please. UK citizen disabled.

    Info is 3 years old but it might be helpful if only to help you research a bit futher.
    thankyou for your warm wishes x
    thanks for the lovely comments on my wedding photos :)
    Hi Cee Cee my partner has been out of work for a while, I notice from your post that you say their family support them, never seems to be true when I talk with him yet I notice on other posts this seems to be the case.
    Thanks for your comments of the children Cee Cee. I'm very proud of them too!
    Kate xx
    she'll probably pic something completely different ...since my son has been at uni he has that many different nicknames i can't keep up with them all..hahaha :)
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