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  • hi,

    just wanted to pop by and say hello, i see you are a equine trainer, i would love a job like that, ihave 2 horses of my own and would love to be able to work with them as part of my job, you are soooo lucky :)

    thank you very much, I will check your page on tunissian arabic.
    Hi, I only looked at your profile to give you my support for what you are going through..and I notice you are an Equine Trainer from Pembrokeshire!! Im in Ynysybwl (Pontypridd) have had horses for years and trained Point to pointers..that now explains why you are having problems -Welsh families!!! They like everyone to do what they did! Take care hun and I hope you get it all sorted.xx
    Hi Cj hope that you and your daughter are in good health! Is your business up and running yet?
    Hi CJ,

    Thanks for the link I treated myself to a book off Amazon called my first thousand words in arabic its really good.

    K x
    Hi, marhaba, yes I know it, I'm from Pembrokeshire
    hey i noticed you wer from wales? where abouts im from abertillery if yano it? x
    Hi CJ oh right didnt realise you were pregnant I hope you hear good news soon Im really sad now still no call frm him and ive e-mailed him in anger sayin if he doesnt get here for xmas or e-mail or call me Im finishing it...ive given him this ultimatum bcos I think hes being mean not keepin me in the picture I know he dont have a phone but his friend does and he was quick to call me frm his friends phone when he wanted papers documents and me to pay the fees ...im so upset i just hope and pray after 5 yrs hes not one of the bad ones we read about so much on here..good luck to you and yours xx
    Hi Cj I hope you are feeling better now...I still have not heard from my man sami I do not know whats going on but at least he could have e-mailed me or somethin he knows how I worry. So when do u think you will hear frm your husband??What do you need operations for??Im not bein nosey just wondering..how long hav u been a memebr on this site and do u like it??I live in newcastle upon Tyne I moved three months ago with my daughter shes 18 ..I am a teacher but I wear my heart on my sleeve i keep thinkin hes done a runner frm me but hey thanx for your support take carexx
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