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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    Love Laugh and Live... I sincerely hope that you are ok and that your husband has done nothing more to you since your post here.. His behaviour is totally disgusting and immoral....I see nothing that indicates love im sorry if that is to the point....I hope you find the strength to kick his...
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    How Did You Move On?

    Well done kassie.. I personally know the pain and heartache these men cause.. It is a long rd back but with support and love from others it gets easier as each day passes.. Good Luck for the future...xx
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    Real love?? Please help

    Emme .... Why would he need you to take him ANYTHING !!! Your visit should be enough..Wake up please..
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    What is "normal" for a relationship with a Tunisian man?

    Hello Ali, I have just read all of this thread as I have not been on site for a apologies for late reply... Reading your story was like deja vue..for me ....My husband was also obsessed with money and saving it !! He earns a very good income but despite this did not feel a...
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    How to get my tunisian boyfriend a working visa in uk??

    Hi sillymoo You have had a change of heart? I think you are unsure from what i have read.. Let him come till the end of Oct...see how it goes then take the next step....
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    Real love?? Please help

    Hello Emme.. Trust me when i tell you it gave me no pleasure only pain reading your account of your relationship...... I can assure you that man is a low life rat.. Look at the evidence will help you heal..... He is 26, been married and moved to Holland...had a fantastic job (btw...
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    Real love?? Please help

    Sorry Emme.. One last thing from me YOU really are not getting either that he MAY NOT be genuine in his intentions just because of the way he ACTS with you.... Many things he has said and done do not fit with the Tunisian culture.. However i wish you the best of luck Emme ...hope you do...
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    Real love?? Please help

    Emme i will say just this last thing to you...All you have written about him is familiar to me ok..I am telling you because i would not like you to go thriugh what i did... I am not telling you what to do it is nothing to do with me..BUT just because he appears genuine, says all the right...
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    Real love?? Please help

    I hear you Emme really i do......I just want to make you aware that my husband did all this and more .....he was not however as genuine as he appeared in the end... Just be aware hun these men can be so skilled would be hard pressed to know.... Are you the same age? Have you stayed...
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    Real love?? Please help

    Many Bezness talk this language .......more common than you can imagine I know it is hard to believe but it is true:(:(
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    Real love?? Please help

    Hi Emme.. I was married to a Tunisian man and had a relationship like you describe...... It was the worst mistake i made .. All them nice words can be FAKE .....your instinct is telling you something...dont do like i did and ignore....... Emme take your time and proceed with...
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    visa to the uk: a big dilemma

    Well done Anaben.. Im sure you will love London, it's the best city in the world imo ..
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    what is it like to be married to a tunisian man

    Good Luck Kangaroo xx
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    Visa Knowledge and Experience

    Marseille was the area i was thinking of......Apparently this is where many Tunisians have gathered and they live exactly as they would at home in Tunisia...
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    Visa Knowledge and Experience

    Hi Lovearrow I think you misunderstood me ...No you DONT have to be employed by a French company as you are self employed.....I know nothing about working online BUT i suppose for your business to be considered legitimate and not a hobby you pay tax etc? Well as your business is online im...