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  • Yes no problem - send it on by pm and I'll see what I can do.xx
    Hubby got his letter on wednesday 17th april, he went the next day to Tunis, they sent him home and said they would call him when to come, he got the call the following Monday and went on the Tuesday and got his passport stamped. It was all very fast, the letter was overturning the original refusal. Fingers crossed for you both.

    Aaaah ours was a hearing in glasgow hun.. im hoping its not long... just want him here xx
    I just wanted to stop by and say i'm really sorry to read your news, good luck with the future whether you appeal or apply again, fingers crossed for you xxx
    bbe did u fly on the 9th oct with BA to tunis cos i swear i saw you lol xx
    hi marhaba, i did fly on the 9th October but not to tunis, i flew to enfidha xx
    Really sorry to read that your husband got refused his visa. Did they give a reason. Good luck with the appeal
    yeah they gave reasons but it seems as though they havent even read our documents, im hoping the appeal goes ok and i do have some additional info like a job offer for him and other thigns so hopefully it will be ok xxxxx
    Can't remember how to send an inbox message on this thing - probably something really obvious. It was a no for my hubby too so I know exactly how you're feeling. Give me a shout if you want to talk - [email protected] or same on Facebook if you have it. Am thinking of you xxx
    Hope it was what you wanted....... YES YES YES??
    Good luck and hope all goes well and you get a yes. Can I ask you when you applied for the visa, just wondering how long it took from applying. It will be 9 weeks for us on Wednesday and nothing yet........
    Think theirs was about 9weeks hun x
    Hi Hun good luck for monday fingers crossed for u xx
    thanks hun, its has been a nightmare waiting but so worth it when u get that good news. i hope that you have good news soon x x x
    sorry havent been on for a few days i will ask makrem when he comes home from work. we had a smallish band the last night and to be honest the cheapest night-we paid- but some said the best and we thought so. when it gets too big i dont think its personal do you ? we are both well and here in uk for a few years before heading back to sousse- we both think of tunisia as home but need to save money for about 3-4 years here if we can last that long. When are you getting married and is it going to be in sousse or nearby?
    If you are marrying in sousse I dont think they would come there, can your fiance not find one in sousse? Yes he did it al himself!!xx
    Kanta puca pub have a very good band that do private functions. It a group of 4 i think and they were about 2000 TND for the night.
    I have no idea my husband arranged it. many of the places where u will get married will have a list of entertainment for you. Where are you geting married?

    We just had a band that played english and arabic music. There were 4 of them i think and very good. I dont know how much they were but they werent cheap. I think around 700 or 900 TND.
    Ahmed Mustapha
    Thaher Sfaar

    email: [email protected]

    Tel: 00 216 226 98014 00 2114 6 226 980
    Hi Danielle sorry I don,t know the name of the man only know how to get to his office in Hammamet. Hope you have a great time when you go back . I can't wait am counting the days
    Hubby has the card with the name and address of man in Hammamet who helped with visa. He also organised our wedding ceromony and papers. Yeah I am getting really fed up now with travelling back and forward every10-12 weeks Feel is if all I do these days is constantly surf the web for flights/pack and unpack suitcase/work extra shifts for money/stress about not being with my husband. When will it all end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully soon.
    Don,t think there is one before July hubby said that was the first date he could get. I had hoped that he would have been coming back with me at the begining of may but that won't be happening so now I have to start planning my next visit. I just hope all this trouble in Libya dosen't interfere with the flights to Tunisia couldn't cope with anymore problems
    He said he has to take some english lessons before he can sit the test. Can't get a date to sit test until late July so nothing will be happening till then.It's all getting very stressful. I go back on 20th april so will find out more then. Having to fly from Manchester this time which is a nuisance
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