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  • Hey
    meant to ask did you know you would get married when you went over to Tunisia
    No because when hubby went to embassy on 28th feb we didn't know anything about the english language test that had been implemented on the 29th of november last year. He paid someone in Hammamet to help hom fill in papers so you would think they were up to date on all that is going on!!!!!!! But in saying that we were at the embassy a few times in november last year before we got married and there was never anything saying they had to sit english language test otherwise we could have organised it before now
    HI dandeuch

    I have spoken to suzi and she has asked me to give you her number regarding the wedding cake. Its 00216 24999358 I hope that helps. x
    meant to say a good person to contact about wedding stuff eg cakes, venues etc is gem as she lives in sousse with her hubby and got married in october.
    she offered to take me wedding dress shopping which is really nice.
    hey missis
    im good altho; a long busy day so didnt go to the gym - ate crisps instead, LOL.
    you look so happy and at home in your photos.
    did you see my tunisian dog - hes a hoot!

    hope ismael has some good news for you - let me know.
    we tried to skype tonight but crap conection in the sticks so we gave up.
    im missing hamdi loads and loads. never mind.
    off to do dishes now - i am such a domestic goddess NOT
    have a good day tomorrow
    hey babe
    got your friend request v- have accepted of course!
    sent you the book today so you should have it soon.
    did you have a wee look at my photos?
    hi hon
    thanks for your reply.
    do you have any wedding photos? what was it like? did you have big do etc etc ?

    my fiance is from zeramdine (small village in monastir province)
    wedding planned for late july but havent even got a dress yet - am panicking!
    all the paperwork seems mental as well so a wee bit stressed.
    how are you getting on with visa ap?
    has your hubby done english test?
    sorry - so many questions!
    would love a phone chat if you're up for it at some point

    hi danielle
    hope you dont mind me messaging but as a fellow scot im hoping you will help me.
    i saw you got married recently.
    im planning to get married in july and would love to know what it all entails if you dont mind helping.

    where abouts in scotland are you? im in ayr
    good luck with your visa ap
    lol you r busy then! yeah that will be brilliant knowing you dont have to say bye again (except for having to go to work lol!) im a hotel receptionist, i was going to do my management training this year but my heart wasn't into it and if im going to up and leave there was no point my company wasting there money but my managers and district managers have all said that i can come back any time and start the training when im ready (if everything goes pete tong in tunisia, but hopefully it wont! lol) xxx
    i come back on 2nd march then back out for a girly holiday on 9th march! i no the whole time in there im just thinking its coming closer to having to say bye. so what do you do for work while your here? xxx
    Hey Danielle. how are you? im so happy that the FCO have changed there advice! not long now till you go :D and only 1wk and 2 days til i go lol. what dates r u returning? xxx
    Hello , I visited the Kaiser with my boyfriend Fethi , but have not stayed there , but I believe it to be rather a budget hotel , but it is very central which is good , besides it does not matter where you are its who you are with that matters , I hope you enjoy your stay .
    Felicity x
    HI i am fying down to Gatwick with BA tomorrow night and don't get flight to Tunis till 8.30 sunday morning so will have to spend the night in the airport. Am feeling a bit apprehensve abt it but I'm sure I will be fine. Just that I am out of my comfort zone having to fly out from a different airport Glasgow seems like a 2nd home these days
    yeah i like my own privacy but luckily his family have given us our own room lol. wheres sidi bouzid? is that me sounding stupid? lol. i stay in enfidha so i cant wait for the new airport to open as it will only be 15min drive to his house! lol. he is not working at the moment he did do animation but yet again no work and not tourists! lol he also does metal work and 'fishing' with his friend from time to time. but hopefully when everything is calm again out there and tourists start going back he can get work again! xxxx
    awwww congrats hope all goes well for your big day. where did you meet him? lol and where do you stay when your there?

    well i met my man in may didnt really pay much attention and only spoke a couple times when i was in england then me and my mate wanted to go out again so went in july and spent every evening with him so became close then and his family started texting me and went in october met his family then stayed at the family home in november and was ment to move there for 2months at begining of jan but got a week into it and got evacuated lol so back to squaer one again! lol xxx
    im flying on the 13th and yeah from gatwick but thats my nearest airport so always fly from there its just the landing in tunis part that worries me lol. so whats your story if you dont mind me asking lol xxx
    hello. how are you? i noticed that you are flying out to Tunisia quite soon, have you ever flown in 2 tunis? if so is it anything like monastir? lol i ask cuz i hate being out my comfort zone lol. xxx
    Hi Danielle no couldn't get holidays changed at work so am going this sunday till the 16th of feb. It was cheaper going for the 17 days than going for 14 only drawback is I have to fly down to Gatwick on saturday night to be there on time to catch flight on sunday morning. When do you come back ?
    I'm looking at flights for this sunday with BA It's £296 though but need to go
    Hi Pauline, i mananged to get a flight to tunis from glasgow on the 9th feb for £211, so im happy now... was gutted about sunday.. hope u can get out to... be great if u make the 9th lol.. we will be able to get a bleather lol..let me know what u decide to do.... good luck xxxxx
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