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    Children in need of homes

    I have just been reading through this thread and don't want anyone to assume that there are no decent children's homes in Tunisia. My husband's mother has worked at the children's home in El Kef for over 20 years. It has children from babies to the age of 18. All the children are well cared for...
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    marrying in tunisia

    Hi Tunisianbelle - I got married in the Mosque in Manchester and I was present - we went into a private room in the mosque, myself, my husband, seven of his friends and one of mine (who is my husband's friends wife and muslim). The Imman talked to us all then to me alone for about half an hour...
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    marrying in tunisia

    As a muslim man you are not supposed to wear gold, my husband doesn't wear any jewellry at all (because it is not part of the islamic marriage ceremony to exchange and wear rings and we were married in the mosque) - I do wear a wedding ring now as my husbands family had one specially made for...
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    El Kef museum

    Kef is my husbands town so it has become a home from home to me, we have built a house in Kef which I will for the first time be able to stay in when we go in April. Kef is a wonderful place and I would recomend anyone to visit (despite the long journey) it is still steeped in tradition and...
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    Tunisian Food

    I have learned everything about Tunisian cooking from my husband and his family but for anyone who is starting out or just wants to add to their repotoire there is a really good recipe book on Amazon called Tunisia - Meditteranian Cooking, it has lots of recipies for cous cous, soups etc..x
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    preparing Brik

    We bring back loads of the brik pastry when we go to Tunisia but if you cant find it then use to pastry they sell in most ethenic food shops to make spring rolls. Anyone in the Manchester area go to World Wide Foods in Rusholme for all your Arabic ingredients. It is traditional to use mashed...
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    Older women married to younger Tunisian men

    As anyone who talks to me on chat knows I am very easy going and non-confrontational but I have to ask Coyote are you just looking for an argument and trying to stir things up deliberatly, it seems to me after reading your posts most are without any substance or just a list of meaningless and...
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    My husband does all sorts of tricks with the luggage to avoid paying excess. He leaves the hand luggage with a friend while we check in and says he doesnt have any then they will usually give you an extra 5kg on your allowance. Then he will wear a backpack as well as carrying a larger than...
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    Tunisian Romances

    This is such a difficult situation I met my husband in the UK but we have still come across so many negative attitudes to our relationship - my eldest daughter doesnt like my husband at all and hasnt done from the beginning so when she comes to visit the atmosphere is terrible - and I have had...
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    We go 21st Sep to 5th October xx
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    Traditional dishes

    I bring loads of the 'pastry' back with me from Tunsisa when we go and when I run out I just use the one for making spring rolls. Anyone in Manchester and surrounding areas who needs any advice on where to buy things or how to make Tunisian dishes just PM me - I'll always help xx
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    Tunisian Romances

    I could go on chat and say this but I want everyone on here to know that you are such a lovely positive person Kezza and I am so glad to have met you xxx
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    Tunisian Romances

    Anyone who talks to me on chat knows my husband is 17 years younger than me they also know I met him in the UK yes I know I am the execption to the rule on here but if as some of you believe most younger Tunisian men have a motive for marrying older English woman please tell me what is my husbands?
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    Tunisian Romances

    If he is coming to England anyway in September then I would just arrange to see him when he comes and take it from there x
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    Tunisian Romances

    I agree with you jas..just wondering Mizzy he said he was coming to England anyway in September is that still the case x