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  • Hi Hun hope you are well txt me sometime xx
    Hey just seen yours and Nela's convo nosy me!! Hope your ok. x
    he's also got a diploma in computers and business x
    hi hun thanks for the advice , we aint married yet it was a fiance visa so he cant work here till we married anyway . im going to see if his brother will write a letter cos his parents dont speak english but my parents already wrote a letter for the origional application . i did give them phone records and emails but most of our convo's were on msn and skype and i couldnt print them cos my hard drive broke and had to get a new one . iv since been saving all our msn convo's though . i am going to see a lawyer on wed to see if she thinks we have a strong case for appeal . i feel like someone has punched me in the stomach . im from fife in scotland btw and my email is [email protected] . thanks again hun x
    HI babe I am really really sorry this is happening to you...I think you need to go back to the place where you registered the marriage. I hope you will find the strengh to carry on with your life and pls dont be miserable he isnt worth it. Some people are not for this life...contact me anytime hun x x x
    hi hun we were refused on not being in a relationship long enough (1YEAR) and iv only been there twice , also he dont have a job and they think his english is not good eventhough they didnt interview him or speak to him at all really , and they dont think i have enough money to support us once he is here cos i dont have savings . hope you can help hun cheers x
    how is it going babe???
    u got FB or anything?? dont want to give M's name out on forum :) x
    congratulations on the visa!!!! wishing u both loads of happy times together!!! x
    Congratulations AGAIN :) :)
    of course i will i will need to know if your decision is overturned i,m glad your immigration officer has asked the embassy to reconsider i got my friends and family to write testimonials about rad and i i,m so happy but i also feel sad about your situation i swear when i kept reading everyone getting their visas i was happy for everyone but then would get upset about our situation my thoughts are with you xxx
    hun they said he had no transferable qualificiations or skills to get a job in uk quickly?? hes a qualified barber lol yeah appealed but cld take another 5 months xxxx
    oh no i'm sorry 4 u and your husband did they give u a reason why what did u put in with your application are u appealing against the decision i don't understand why they turn certain people down and others get accepted any idea what was against u or your hubby 4 the application
    Everything crossed for you :)
    hey hun spoke to an adviser now waiting for solicitor (immigration) to contact me. the waiting is a killer hun but u will be fine xx
    I'm ok. Just waiting. What did the lawyer say? Good news I hope :) ilovebdt
    crap but plodding hun hows u?????? going to see immigration lawyer tomoro to see what they say x
    How ya doing today? ilovebdt
    hi hun hes gone back to dar khayam hun in hammamet agghhhh already starting to get stupid bloody msgs from girls one left msg on u tube asking who my hubby was she was there in feb 2009 its killing me really hate it so much xx
    Thats ok hun, im here if you need anything....even if its just to write write write and have a cry! lol.
    I think id be the same as you hun, i already cry at the silliest things.....i live alone but i have to go back home to mum and dads every weekend, just so i can be around them, and talk about ahmed etc...........i guess in a way, its good that you found out quite early on and can now get the 'appeal' rolling. What hotel does he work at? xx
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