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    hi dinna you ok ?
    Just seen your news hun big congrats I'm so happy for you xxxx
    hi dinna
    i had a great time in tunisia altho; only had 6 days together.
    we were mostly with the family (and dog!) but had 2 nice days in sousse.
    hope all well with you.
    Sorry, no more votes for a week, gone to Tunisia. Ooops, I feel dead guilty :)
    sooooo excited
    ordered my wedding dress today - the 4th one i tried on
    was in and out in under and hour.
    got a gorgeous tiara too.
    i love it!!!
    Are you thinking of making your studies on distance so you just go back now and then?I think the easiest way to get a job is to ask around,I think so and you are from Denmark so it shouldnt be a language problem. I know that HSB sometimes have apartments on Vasagatan its 10 min from city center that is on walking distance to the lake...very calm and you can walk around the lake on the way to the city if you want to...very peaceful area.One room apartment on around 45 m2 is 2200 svkr there I think...and NBAB has nice apartments in more central parts of town...very cheap and nice apartments on Doktor sandbergs gata...but there are also private owners that use Blocket for renting out apartments.There is a company that is named Gunnar Ohlsson AB that has very very cheap apartments in town but they have no good homesite and are best to call for information.My brother had a one room apartment for 1600 kr a month in central town thru Gunnar Ohlsson AB. :)
    I live in a town called Nybro its maybe 16 miles from Landskrona and it take little less than 3 hours with X2000 to Copehagen.Know people going back and forward every week and they say this train is so very comfortable.Here you can find one room apartment from around 1800 svkr and its acutally a nice little town,everything is there in one place and many restaurangs to choose from...cant say I miss anything really...and when I feel for it its just 20 minutes to Kalmar and very close to Öland the beautiful island everyone talks about and are going to on vacation every summer, sandy beaches for miles.The biggest real estate is HSB and NBAB here...
    Hi Dinna I have sent her a message now about the rent but it shouldnt be impossible I think,like always it probably depends on how central it is.In my town for an example there are 2 rooms apartment for around 2500 and up in town with 5 minutes walk to center....its very different but this is a smaller town with around 20 000 people but at the same time it takes 20 minutes to drive to Kalmar and thats a big nice city thats very beautiful by the sea...but in Kalmar a central apartment is very expensive.We have all here and 20 minutes drive is good if wanting to get in to bigger city I think.We acctually have direct train from this town to Copenhagen...thats very good. =)
    Hi Dinna can you let me know the max you are willing to pay in rent(say it in euro because I dont know how to count it in something else haha).My friend told me that not all of Landskrona is still good...some neighbourhoods you just dont want to live in because its not good anymore...but its better than the other citys.
    Just sent my friend a message and will let you know when she answers =) ;-)
    will use fiance's then, haha
    Hi Dinna I have friends in Landskrona and they would probably be very helpful if asking.I heard that the rent is better there,and its a better place if you are thinking of starting a family too, because its a calmer city but not far from other bigger citys too.I used to race my greyhounds in Landskrona some years ago before I started breed great danes.Just let me know and I will ask my friend if she has some good advice about good neighbourhoods in Landskrona. =)
    Hi Dinna,most of the time when Im looking for apartments/houses I look at something called Blocket...think its Blocket.se - Sveriges största Köp & Sälj marknad might be ended with com.There you can find both for sale and for rent all over the country.The word for rentingapartment in swedish is "hyresrätt" if you want to search for that on internet for ex "hyresrätt Malmö" and see what comes up.There are so many different companys and the people who knows best is the one who is living close to that area.But you should know what Malmö is not a very safe place to live nowdays because of HA clubs and think it is other clubs in Lund too that they are argumenting with too,not shore.I would choose a smaller town I think.Have friends in Landskrona and it seems to be little calmer there. Good luck Dinna with your search!I understand that you want to be close to Denmark too =)
    You must be really annoyed that they don't do the decent thing and at least respond to your emails. They seems to have no idea of the time and effort you invested with your photo entry. Anyway, better look this time............... but, I can't help but wonder what they'll cause this time.
    HI Dinna
    Did you ever get an answer or explanation from travelpapa about their last competition fiasco ?
    hi dinna thanks babe,yeah having a mare,but not gonna put it all on t.com,do you have a fb?im ok just life and men,xx
    hiya dinna huni,that was so nice of you thankyou so much,i would love to help,i do things all the time for people it gives me a great buzz to help..its a shame that the russian won,but if you put ina complaint and take it further im sure you will win in the end,infact either way you will,her bf is probadly having 10 affairs loooool.i wish,i dont be spiteful mever but when i see wrong i dont like it,all the best and i k now where you are,keep us updated with everything,take care hunni,and godbless you both xxxx:):)..
    HI Dinna. What time does the competition end in the UK? Competition states midnight on 13th Feb, but that will be American time not GMT I guess??
    that's absolutely fine :) at least you get something and who knows perhaps they will get disqualified and you'll get it anyways.
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