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  • haha lol :)

    ive emailed you on there its a bit more private on there lol..

    where are you staying in tunisia xx
    nope dont do phoyo omg there 2 of me no way
    do you have a picture on there lol theres like 2 come up one with and one without.
    yeah im on facebook elaine grayland im so excited to think this time in 3 weeks will be there bit nervous about new airport
    sure lol Are you on facebook or msn?xxx
    hi are you flying 8th may from brum? xx
    thank you it was great to be away anf get my hug at last, and to forget for a short while, as soon as i got back asked my daughter how my mom was!!! not looking forward to sunday, but like you said 6 weeks and counting
    Hi Elaine. I know just how you feel. I used to think that I was losing the plot. Its over a year now and I still go to text or call her, grief is an awful thing but just take it one day at a time. Glad that you had a nice hol - nice to get away from familiar things and memories for a bit xxx
    thank you for kimd words nice of you to take time to message me but just think im goimg mad cant cope
    Sorry to hear of your loss Elaine. I know how you feel I lost mum on Xmas eve 2009 just 3 months after our wedding. Was soo hard, not a day goes by that I dont miss her and would give anything to have her back. Will just say that as time passes the pain gets a little easier to bear each day. x
    thank you not copeing at all
    So sorry to hear your sad news .xx
    thank you so much it means alot
    Hi Elaine i am so sorry to hear of your lost, you must be feeling so gutted if thats the right word to use, we are all here if you ever need to talk it may help you ..Once again my deepest condolences x
    sorry to read bout your mum.
    you wee soul.
    take care
    ah, just realised, you might already be there. Did you mean this month or next?
    Really?! that's brilliant, thank you so much for replying. Would you be happy to drop off a package of sweets in hammamet? I don't want to put you to any trouble at all. I don't know where the house even is there, but I have the address.
    so so pleased for you, go girl, enjoy, you so deserve
    omg thats fantastic!!!!! bless you after all you had to endevor
    Im having two weddings lol... one there one algeria
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