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  • Cheers for that information emma xx:eek::eek:
    Cheers for that info Emma xx
    hi emma, sorry to bother you ,just wanted to ask ab ur hubbys NI Number...what number can u ring for them to send the forms?also what other documents u need to provide? how long does it take till he gets his ni number? many thanks x
    Hi hope u r ok just wanted 2 ask question bout your tax credits etc when u called them up war exactly did u say bout your Hubby bing with u did u say he was working if not then have u changed it 2him working now eat info did they want bout your Hubby did u have 2 send them anything bout him and why did it take do long thanks
    Hi Emma i am so glad that i was able to provide you with a number, will you be there in the summer if so we can meet up plus whilst you have the treatment i really do not mind looking after your son he can spend time on the beach and so forth with my son..I know that i am a stranger to you but the offer is always there..
    Dr Galleb is really really nice i have known him for so many years and his english is great too..take care x x
    Wow i cannot believe that you have an 11 year old child, you look so young..x
    If you ever need to chat you know where i am..
    excellent news hun, thanks for the info. i just hope they bloddy hurry up!!!!
    Hi hun, i spoke to you before about the child/working tax credits. my hubby has been here since begining of feb now and i done a joint claim. they still havent give us an answer, and i havent had any money since jan :-( i read ur post saying u waited 14 weeks, well ours has been 11 now. i was just wondering if u wouldnt mind telling me what they rewarded you? and how much lump sum did u get back dated? just so i know what to look forward too lol, hope you and ur family are well xxx
    Awww hun sorry to hear that, I am good tho I am working in Nottingham now well its been a year. The option was redundancy or commute to Notts the way things are at the mo its better to commute that way the bills are paid.

    Has he applied at Subway and places like that? x
    Hey Hun,

    How are you and hubby? Sos ain't texted in ages x
    aw IVF, can u not have kids easily then?? I have always had this feeling I cant. How come u both been made redundant at the same time, did u work for same people? I am ok just missing S and job hunting x
    hi mate, im fine thanks . alots happening at mo ,hubby and i just been made redundant and we are having ivf in a months time so bit stressed. hows your life ? x
    Hi hunny not seen u on in awhile u ok?x
    Hi Emma hope that you and your husband are both in good health! I very rare say that someone is beautiful as my daughter is also stunning but yes you are very stunning and i don't know about passed it on the age thing like you say, but i think that you would pass any modeling competition with flying colours, so go for it, i for one would back you up 100%...And if you think that you old i 45 feeling 60 sometimes...x
    My bloke is a photographer, well was in El Fourati.. though he has finished for winter now, maybe going back for xmas period but he's not sure yet... yeah that is fast, but it seems to be the way. are u applying for visa?? mine has mentioned marriage already it scares me, you just never know if they are actually genuine :( xx
    Hi Emma hope that you are in good health! Just looked at your photos and i think that you are a stunner, very beautiful and make a wonderful couple, all the best..
    Lovely photos hun - i wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness x
    hi emma,
    what a beautiful bride & fab pics, congratulations again! 2 u both, nice idea 2 have 2 do the vows again at with ur family & friends, & 4 us girls, it means we can dress up all over again. I wish u both much love & happiness in ur new lives 2gether.
    Hi Emma and congratulations once again..I think that you look even more stunning and beautiful the second time, beautiful photos..You make a lovely couple, all the best for the future..
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