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  • Hey Fady...how are you? hope you are in good health...please tell me where are you residing at the moment? Tunisia or Pakistan?
    Hi Fady hope that you are in good health! Thank you for your message, you have to understand that this site is run in Tunisia so we have to respect the webmaster.. It is a fact yes but have you considered that maybe these sites are being monitored..
    Good morning Fady hope that you are in good health! Fady i had to delete your thread because this site is run in Tunisia and we are unable to place anything like this , sorry but we are unable to discuss anything political.. Have a nice day
    I live in Monastir - 2 hours South of Tunis
    Don't sound so synical with your 'hum i see thanks'. My advice is just don't judge somewhere on what other people think a plcae is like until you have been there and expericend it for yourself :)
    no,its a total nightmare!! they have moneygram and western union where you can send money but they cant send money back out,really i dont know why!!they seem to be quite strict about things like that for some reason...you cant take dt into the country or out so i just had scottish pound with me and some places just wouldnt accept it and the ones that did were very suspicious of it...we even asked in one of the banks and they wouldnt change it for me.i will have to think of some other solution next time..lol...
    fady, sorry but again I can't help !! I have a Euro bank account here that is transferable to Dinars only. I use it to transfer money TO Tunis to pay bills etc. here. I have not tried to send money out of Tunisia. But there are Western Union facilities at all post offices here so it must be possible.
    i am sure for a while you would get by using english.things like taxis,they tend to charge extra if they think you are a tourist as do a lot of places.but even a little basic arabic,which i am sure you could pick up through time would get you by.what part of tunisia are you hoping to work? i was staying in port el kantawi when i was there. really it is a beautiful place.you would love it if you do decide to go and work there.i keep missing you on msn,its usually the evening i am on and as you are 5 hours ahead you are probably sleeping.hope to catch you on there soon
    hi fady.yes i am doing fine thanks and you?? it would be quite important to know arabic if you go there to work.their english is ok,very basic but you can get by.they speak so fast in arabic,its really hard.i know a few words but luckily i had someone with me who was fluent in arabic.they do classes ther so people can learn the language,so i believe anyway.hope that helps
    Oki don't worry about the link but how you gone survive talking just english hope you talk some arabic then, i live in tunisia but not in the capital you will not have any prob to find a decent accomodation in the capital close the where you gone work. you need to be in place if you accept the contract your work should be providing you those informations! sorry for the late reply cheers
    hi fady,
    well if they need you desperetly they will have to pay you well !! wait for there offer and ask for more if you get the 2500 that will be brilliand, you can rent a studio in Nasr city close to ariana or in ariana city there is lot of modern studios with all the means that you need !! internet you will have to get it ur self its not that expensive no worries !! the rent can be between 300 and 450 dinars for a nice studio in a modern place and you can find evrything you need there this website can gide you hope you understand french.
    Petites Annonces Immobilier en Tunisie
    listen you have to know if they can take some of ur wage out of the country sometimes they can be quite tite with there rules.
    good luck
    I have been going for years and the most that i have spent there is just over 2 months.. I love Tunisia and the pace of life there..
    Its peaceful as far as I have seen :) I wish I could move there instead of having such a busy life here in the UK!
    Sorry fady, I really don't know if anyone posting here on T.com would be able to help.
    Perhaps start a new thread and see what replies you get. Good luck.
    fady, I'm really sorry but I have no idea. You are talking about a completely different set of conditions than I am used to. You need to ask advice from a Tunisian and not, as I am, an expat.
    No i am Greek and married to a Tunisian man..
    Hi Fady hope that you are in good health! Yes i understand what you are saying and you are right, if you are getting the sane salary then you may as well stay in Pakistan..
    As for the rent it really does depend on where in Tunis you are but now that it is winter you will get cheaper accomadation.
    I would not be surprised if you get a flat for around 300 td per month which is not that much , it works out ruffly 133 sterling and 21,447 indian rupees...which is alot when you convert it..
    I am more than sure that once you get over there you will find that there will be someone who wants to share just to save money..
    I wish you all the luck in the world, let us know what happens..
    It is snowing here in London today..Have a nice day..
    Hi Fady glad that the interview went well.. What does a engineer expect to get then ?? As you said that the money was not very attractive.. Is it better than what you are getting now ??
    Hi fady i don't use msn sorry but i am on facebook but you said that you are unable to use it if i am not mistaken..Good luck ,,,,
    Thanks for the friendship request Fady, i have accepted... How did the interview go ??
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