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  • Hi foxy. I would love to help you if I am able. I will PM you a link for a dictionary, and any other help you need, just let me know :)
    My msn is not bloody working xx
    Hi thankyou so much i am so happy.
    i wrote a thread about the houria palace search for houria palace hotel kantoui and you can see my review. xxxxxxxx
    Hiya hun..its all to do with how many posts you have done. I think its 100 for senior xx
    if u send ur ILR papers its £750, if u go in person u need to book an app, and its £950, but u get the result on the day ,by post it took us 6 wk.
    hi you can only send in the papers 4wk befor his visa is up,once in he is aloud to stay untill its sorted ,ours took 6 wk, u need to do the life in uk test befor u send the papers as u have to send the cit that u have passed, u can find it on computer and have fun i failed every time,lucky slim got it on 2ed go, u can go do it for 35£ a go any time befor u do ur leave to remain, hope it all goes well.
    Hi foxy, I've applied for my ILR on the 16 sep and still waiting for the reply. they send me a letter telling that they've received the dossier and they've handed to a caseworker. hope things are fine.
    Sorry for a very late reply to your ?, as I'm a new member to this forum. xxx
    Aw that lovely, glad it worked out. What part of Tunisia is he from... I take it he wasn't an animator??? haha xx
    Hello foxy! was fooled by an animator in hammamet into thinking he really like me. We had a thing going. swapped numbers. I came home planned to come back at xmas. He began to ask me for money. I was very hurt and cut all contact. He was very charming and gorgeous, hurt to be a) so foolish B) to have wasted time and enrgy and money on the whole sorry affair! not going to let it put me off tunisia. It's a lovely place and i'm very good (platonic) friends with a guy from Tunis and I will defo be keeping in touch with him as much as I can! Whats your story?? xxx
    Thanks hunny, the paper works all i can think about i am trying to get it perfect i dont no what i would do if i had to go through the birth alone sometimes this world is so unfair y couldnt i just have a fella in the same village,lol but +++++,lol
    Well we/hubby is trying to get all the docs required.... we don't want to leave anything to chance! He was refused tourist visa last christmas:-(....don't think I realised how hard it was! So... want to get it right this time, although we now married :-D...It's wonderful but i so miss him!
    What do you think our chances are of settlement visa? We have got all the docs required I think ... but who knows.

    I am sooooooo happy for you! It must feel great!

    chat soon?
    Kathleen x
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