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  • hi there do they call ya "gabby" Gabrielle ? Sorry i missed ya. ! Next time lets chat---or go skype. Send a PM. Cute pics, looks like a lot of fun. i'm currently in Florida ! ! c ya, John
    welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do...
    Hi ya hu,

    Sorry only just come on line. Should be around most of the day if u wanna chat xx
    hi hazel,
    seif still waitin for visa to come through im upset becuase ive took time off work nd stuff its meant to be friday 28 he gets flight but doesnt look like it! neva mind chin up!
    ill try and get there on late deal but he knows its not soo easy for me... hes goin bk to tunis tomorow to chase it but just seems all last min to get here nd me to go there but my mams beenb so lovely shes offerd to drive me to london to get him! u bk home yet? any luck with visa? how long does it take to get the visa i feel lyk its been ages weve been waitin hes so layed bk tho tellin me not to worry vbut i cant help it!!! whens ur guy comin ova??? wud av been nice to meet up wi our fellas coz im quite nervous on wot food to buy nd stuff with there religion arrgghhh lol xxx
    Hi Gabz,
    I have the same problem, I live up north too. I met Tarek at the hotel I was staying at in Hammamet in sept 07. I am going back on 9th November and this will be my 4th time. I don't mind travelling alone, you only have yourself to think about, and the flight goes quickly! I am going with Tarek to the embassy with all the papers, they don't want to see me but he wants me to go! Should be fun! Hazel x
    hiya Hazel,

    ive just left that all to seif to sort out all you need to do is send a formal invitation via post and i think thats how they get one. If he cant get over here ill have to go there. i really miss him hate just speakin on phone hehe. Its really hard aswell because tunisair just fly into london and im from up north so its guna cost a bomb to get train down and hotel and train up the train down again lol where did u meet ur boyfriend? im frightened to fly alone to tunisia im such a wuss lol Gabz x
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