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  • Hiya

    Hows you? I have the same apartment you were in before if you are interested in that one? Let me know. x
    Goldie, Please advise if you have Kris's permission to advertise your apartment.

    The thread has been moved until we hear from you.

    Hi Goldie

    Can you email me on [email protected] with all your flight times and I will then run thru with you what the next step is.

    Spk soon
    Thats perfect for me. Does your flight arrive at 9am or do u think thats when you think you will appear from customs/luggage?
    Hi Goldie
    The apartment is all yours. He has now reserved it for you. my number is 00216 23188509 call me if you need anything. We will make arrangements for a transfer etc or a place to meet once your here so I can show you where it is.
    hello, hope you are ok !!!
    the aprt its near to pek (( abou 10-15 mins wolking )) and near to the beach (( 1 min )) ... [email protected]
    greetings x
    I completely understand and im glad you know where im coming from regarding business. If u have friends that want to come out then maybe they can contribute towards the payment. I will let him know tomorrow that you want it from the 1st august. Will you require a transfer from monastir?
    Hi Goldie

    Im really sorry but he wont got for the 2 months. Like i said before you will taking it over one of his busiest times and he would be losing lots of money and as it isnt longish term he will not be prepared to go for it. I dont have anything else either for that time as again i will be losing money. what you give me in 2 months i can make in 1 month. Im really sorry.
    Hi Goldie, its all sorted I tried to sent you a message but i think i needed to be your friend 1st. lol
    Hes happy to rent it for the 4 months at 550 TND which works out to 1100 GBP. If its easier for you to bring UK pounds its not a problem. It will be ready for the 1st august.
    hi goldie hope you get this ok. rachids number is 00216 98676842.you wont need the 00216 if phoning in tunisia. it can be bad a t airport sometimes because some of them try and rip you off fro 40d or 60d but you should never pay for than 20d and atip of maybe 1 or 2d if you wanted to. hope you have a great time tc x
    Hi goldie, sorry about the late reply i have been really busy this week. im affraid he wont be happy with just 2 months he would need the full 4 as he will be giving it to you really cheap. Sorry i did try. xx
    Hello hun! Im so sorry it has taken me ages to reply i have been working 12 hour days for the past three days... Yeah i know the are well, i know the resturants, nightlife ect around sousse but its mainly hammam sousse and khezema i know for apartements.. Whe were you looking to go over? Hmm im trying to think lol, i know a few apartments which are long term rental and two bedroom, im going over three weeks on monday and could get in touch with the owners but will that be too late? xxxx
    Hi Goldie

    I have spoken to my friend who advised he will keep the price at 550TND for august as well if you reserve for the full time you wish to stay. He is not prepared to do it for 2 months as you can appreciate this wuld be his busiest time.

    Let me know ASAP and we can discuss payment details later.
    Hi Goldie

    The only problem with August is it will be a bit more expensive as it is summer months and your not going to be having a yearly contract. I will ask him if you can book for 2 months and how much august will be.
    Hi Goldie, The apartment has two double bedrooms and is situated behind el Kuchia coffee/bakery in Kantaoui. Very convenient for all amenities.

    If you want anyone to have a look at the apartment for you then please do not hesitate to let me know and I would gladly show them.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    its me lil u knob now u can stop sending messages to other members x x
    Thanks for the quote..I will be in touch!
    HI Im flying from Bristol on 28th April for 10 days what would the cost be and do u havew a website??
    Sorry kaylee but your not coming up on facebook???
    Ok will do, sorry but it would be much easier for me.:)
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