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  • She looks like my newborn (born 01/01/10)!! Lol. No joke. Very similiar!! So adorable!! :D
    aaww she's so sweet...xx
    shes really really beautiful, take care all of you xxx
    oh Jacqui shes so perfect and I LOVE that name. you all must be really proud xxxx
    That is a good weight. I was only about 6lbs when I was born.
    How is daddy coping?

    awww little cutie
    She is absolutely gorgeous!! She looks like she is a good weight too.
    hi jacqui,
    long time no speak..how u been?? hows life??
    wanna wish u HAppy New Year and all the best xx
    Honestly thank you so much for your help... xx
    I know all tha snow in glagow last xmas upto my knees where I stayed, whats one of them coats you mentioned??xx
    O dear, I cant find a coat... my ex never sent mine back from glasgow, and ones I have come acrss rrecently only do upto my boobs.. :( and if I get bigger size they then look to baggi around my waist :(
    Thats handy for you nad extremely beneficial. The honey is a definite no-no. When we were there in Septmebr my eyes nearly popped out when his 2 month old nephew was being given honey and chopped nuts of a spoon. I'm hoping I'll be able to breast feed so when we there in July I will most definelty be able to say no to anything that isn't coming from me without feeling bad!!! Beside health benefits for baby the fact I can burn 700 cals a day doing pretty much nothing is also a big incentive!!! Am I right in thinking you are under consultant care like me?? Its good in some ways. I try to make all my appointments for the same day so sometimes we get 2 scans in once day!!!
    We got ours starting in January. I'm looking forward to it cause hopefully it'll answer loads of the questions I have about feeing etc. The midwife has also said she will come to the house to do a few private parenting classes as I'm a bit worried about the cultural differences causing problems when it comes to things like baby in the bed, giving baby honey as I seen done at his family house etc. I don't want Mo thinkinh when I say doing these things is not accepted here that it is just me. I want him to know it is what we are taught and also when we are visiting in July I want him to be able to say that this is how we are taught in UK. I don't want anyone thinking I am saying there ways are bad.
    They are lovely names. Unfortunately Mo is a bit slap dash at painting and very messy - he painted our bedroom and I'm sure there was less mess when the Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted. Mum offered to pay the painter so we took her up on it or else he probably would have had to do it and I would have spent the next 3 months cleaning.
    Wow sounds like bubs might come on time and maybe even early is sounding more likely. I remember you saying you were having a girl. Have you any names yet? I have another 16 weeks to go until March 27. I can't wait staring maternity leave on 10 March so another 14 weeks to go. It shift work though and although I'm off night shifts now the late shifts are leaving me exhausted even though I am sitting on my bum most of the time!! Maybe give it a few more weeks as my earlys start next week then I'll ask to do permanent earlies. Do you get dyas were its like OMG this is really happening!!! I've had a few and then get all nervous. I can't beleive we are going to be responsible for a little bundle. We have quite a lot of stuff in but like you a lot of stuff is being stored at mums. Painter is coming in when I'm in Tenerfie in a fortnight to paint babys room then maybe we'll bring some of the stuff home.
    Hi Jacqui - how are you keeping?? It mustn't be long for you now before the arrival. Bet you both so excited (and if anything like us absolutely skint... lol). You read so much about what to buy for new arrival and then for your own hospital bag it becomes overwhelming and I'm sure half the stuff won't be needed.
    aw did they,, oh i dont know :S
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