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  • Part 3 ...
    And Jade, steer clear, if you can, of Tunisian Love Rats (website) - with the state of our minds in long distant relationships, the last thing you need to read about is 'rats' - have faith and trust and be happy!
    You know where I am if you need me, anytime, Smiley xxxx
    Part 2 ...
    And believe me, the wait IS worth it - personally I had to wait for over a year for man to come to me (not long in the circumstances as I know people have waited a lot longer) but I do understand how much it hurts.
    As I do not know anyone I would trust on here that actually lives in the UK (not being negative but more cautious), its is very hard for me to even point you in the right direction as most of my friends on here live in Tunisia or America but try the girls that I am friends with - Roulla, MellieC, Marhaba - even they don't live in the UK they may know the answers you need.
    And Jade, please be careful on here as there are people who will take your questions, try to become your friend and then turn on you - this has happened to me so please be careful, ok? There are many good people here - but please just be careful.
    Part 3 follows ...
    Hi Jade,
    This is in two parts .... sorry but it was tooo long :(
    Sorry for taking so long to reply but I haven't been on the site for a few days :(
    Unfortunately I am unable to help you really. Even though I am English, I live in Luxembourg and my situation is quite different. One thing your friend could try is to apply for a visitors visa but I think that she will have to prove she has enough money in her account to provide for him for the length of his stay.
    As far as getting him into Ireland, I haven't got the foggest idea honey - I am really sorry.
    I realise that I have not been much help here Jade but please feel free to ask anything at any time and I will always try my best to help ...
    The problem with long distance relationships is that they do hurt and the wait can seem endless but don't give up - thats my main advice. At least these days there are webcams etc - imagine what it was like before!!! Doesn't bear thinking about, does it? part 2 ....
    thnak you roulla, and im good thank you, how r u, i hope u r good too. im jus tryin to apply for him to come now for christmas on a family visitor visa but his letters got lost in the lost so im currently typin a new one now,. i hope to get him but it dont look like it :'( ... gonna try a new delivery way where they say it guaranteed to get there in 3days. i hope tht gets there, other wise im screwed. dont suppose u knw a way of gettin it there quick do u? plus the waitin for the embassy is long, so i dunno. any take care and stay good. xxxx :) :)
    Hi Jade hope that you are in good health! I would have thought that everything that you put is more than enough to be honest with you..Goood luckx x:)
    Hi jade have just realised that I replied to a msg you sent me 2weeks ago on my own wall .Sorry!!!!!
    you can email me at [email protected] I will reply to you from there and give you anohter email addy OK
    hi MTA, how are you doing? Im ok, i would like to know, how can a 20 year old tunisian apply for settlement in England? can he? i knw my husband can come when im 21 next may, but my friend is 20 and i would like him to stay here too. my friend is my sisters fiance
    i hope you can help
    thank you :D :)
    hi np anytime u wanna talk about how to get tunisian to uk
    u r welcu soon
    Hi Jade hope that you are in good health! Just a little tip, if you would like to send a member a message then CLICK on THEIR NAME and then there you will be able to write a message and then click POST MESSAGE, hope that this helps..Have a nice day.
    hello, n thank you, had an ok weekend n thnks roxy for the info, ill giv it ago xxxxx
    To be honest I am not quite sure, u need to post on the threads, u can do this by going to new posts!
    Also if u want to reply to someone privately then u need to click their name/tag and write back on their visitors wall! x
    hi hun im doing good thanks a good weekend working lol haha x
    hello roulla and marhaba, how u both doing? i hope u are ok and havin a good weekend. xxxxx :) :)
    hello, thank you, i hope to find all the information i need
    hello welcome to the forum. hope you find all that you need here xx
    Hi Jade hope that you are in good health! I am glad that you managed to do that , hope that it all works out for you.. Fingers crossed for you that it all works out, everything works out in the end , it just takes time..Have a great weekend x x
    hope that this helps you, if you ever have a problem with not finding something on here just CLICK on my name and you will be directed to my wall, there you can leave a message..
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