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  • Thanks.xx
    Hi-my husband had his ilr last June 2011 and he wants it changed to a card instead of in his passport- do you think this would be possible.xx
    janette b
    janette b
    to be honest i have no idea, sounds like a good idea though better than it being in a passport that lasts 5 years.... will see if i can find anything out
    janette ,meand my gf want to marry the next month,,i'm tunisian and she is british(northern ireland),,can u help me abt conditions of mariage and paperwork ?? :) thnx
    ok thnk u so much janette :) ,,,ok and do we need a permession from the eembassy (british) ??
    janette b
    janette b
    she does not need permission from the embassy in tunis, just that they have to ranslate the papers, you usually pick the copies up the next day. good luck and be happy, will you be living in tunisia or uk after marriage ?
    ok she want us to live in uk with her family ass her mother died and her father is sick and she can't leave them,,ok also i have s.th to tell u abt that we didn't ever meet but wekno< each other more than a year ,my family know her and me i know her and we r speaking on the fone evry day and we r communicated alll the day by facebook
    oh wow..enjoy it happy for you :)
    thank you janette for your reply, much appreciated, hubbys going home to tunisia next week for a week to see his family and when he comes back hell apply :) many thanks and enjoy paris :)
    HI Janette, sorry to bother you still..can you reply plss ???u the only one i know who was dealing with schengen..
    i read your hubby applied for schengen,..as mine wants to apply for it also in the near future, can you tell me what he had to provide, what documents..i read it online, but was confused, especially with the insurance he has to purchase...ur help would be appreicated..enjoy france :)
    Hi I have messaged u on fb :)

    I have the cable for my new phone but not old and s doesnt have a cable! he said we will find away lol but I want it all done ready for when I go home lol x
    HI Janette, i read your hubby applied for schengen,..as mine wants to apply for it also in the near future, can you tell me what he had to provide, what documents..i read it online, but was confused, especially with the insurance he has to purchase...ur help would be appreicated..enjoy france :)
    Thats ok Janette, yeh i want it to be personal to...that will be good, we wil have to do that to get on our feet first i suppose when we are in the uk...... we are getting married in sousse, ive got about 50 guests coming so its not to much..... xx
    Hi Janette, how r u, that was a long wedding lol.... i was just wondering if you could give me more info on the entertainment side of things, jyst want small band or singer for wedding, do you know of anyone in sousse or could you give me contact details... thanks
    Hi hun thanks so much Im not free either eve but ill send you my number on facebook and maube we can arrange another time xx
    hi lynsey we were in sousse a few weeks ago beginning of april not sure about later this year as we want to visit paris and holland to see some friends met in tunisia. But again we miss the family so probably nip back for a week later in year if can get cheap flight. We have flown with thomas cook but be careful as they have 2 sites and one is more expensive than the other so chk both, jet2.com now go to enfida as most flights now go in there instead of monastir.glad you two are back together, take care and keep in touch x
    morning hun,

    awww thank you sooo much, cant tell you how good it feels being back on here x x x

    im soooooo happy being back with him and im missing him sooo much and like you said you cant help who you love and believe me when we broke up i really tried to get over him but couldnt :eek:) yeah we have spoken and things are going at a slower pace than before and again like you say what we have is worth us waiting for by taking it slowly if that maked any sense x im going back july for a week, just trying to sort a flight and that out, who do you normally fly with hun? im glad you are both ok, when you go back could i hide in your suitcase lol x x

    long time no speak, how are you?

    im coming back to tunisia soon for a week, me and wajdi have spoken and we are going to give it another go but we are going to take it slow, im sooo happy hun :)
    hi janette, do you have a phone number for this kind doctor please?
    Hey hun, did you have a good time? If Makrem wants to improve his written English i could help out on a remote basis using email as Im TEFL qualified, message me on FB if your interested, we could just have a trial and see how we get on if he likes x
    Janette need to talk to you, but in private. I will message you on facebook as I have just become your friend, but in a different name than on here. Thank you xxxx
    Great to hear back from you.
    I'm so pleased you're happy and settled ... Nice to hear a positive story, you read so many negative things and sometimes I worry .... I just can't wait for 6 weeks time, when I'm out there again! :)
    Enjoy your trip, look forward to chatting again.
    Take care x
    Thank you so much for replying to me ....So nice to chat to people on here, and hear all the different reasons why we're on here.

    Wow you live out there, very jealous! Congratulations on the wedding, I've just seen the photo's :)

    Yeah I have a Tunisian b/f, he lives in Sousse but originally is from Kairouan ... I've been out in June and July, coming back in October, and we're just putting the info together, as really hoping he can come over for xmas and new year to meet family - But reading all the posts, looks very difficult to get visitor visa. S is getting his boss to write a letter hopefully to say about his job, as it looks like the main thing they worry about is them not returning to Tunisia .... All good fun!!

    May I ask how long you was together before marrying and moving? ... Sorry if too many questions, just very interested :) L x
    Hi Janette
    I hope you don't mind me messaging you ....I just read on a wall post that you've applied for a visitor's visa in the past, can you give any advice please?
    Are you married to a Tunisian? Thanks so much for any help you can give, be good to chat :) x
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