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  • the tunisian dictionary?
    i looked at tune dresses with mother in law but not v impressed.
    they reminded me of belly dancin outfits altho some were quite nice.
    is it sparkly or more sedate?
    thats soooo funny - have a great vision now
    i will have small case and assorted hand luggage crap ie dog lead for our puppy, washing powder, etc etc
    i am now very well known by head of immigration at monastir -a tad embarrasing
    are you taking your wedding dress as hand luggage?
    yes, flight arrives 9.40pm
    what time do you arrive?
    thats great
    i fly out on sunday too but only for a week!
    14 weeks is a long time - we've only been a[art 4 weeks and im missing H like crazy.
    oh well, al the best for your big day!
    cant wait to se the pics
    hi missis
    hows the wedding shaping up?
    hope all is good.
    My flights are in limbo at the moment, Thomas Cook pffft! booked to fly out April 10th from East Midlands, going to see what they say after the review at the end of the month, If the hold off flights again going to change to BA, but fingers crossed this will not be the case. My wedding day should be 23rd April this is the day we both want but need to get all the paperwork sorted before we can book the venue, I am so excited :) got the dress, grooms suit, bridesmaid outfit, flowers, had my appointment for my Coni which will be ready to collect Valentines day! so all i need now is Thomas Cook to give me the green light to fly! How is everything with you?? xx
    im fine thanks.
    when's your wedding?

    cant wait to hear all about it - mine in october so i might get some handy hints from you.
    all ok with your flights?
    just accepted your contact request.
    you ok?
    hiya just had a nose hope you dont mind but me to am hopefully getting married in april :) if all goes well not on here much but do like to read the posts :) xx
    hey jen bless you thanks,yeah youwill be is getting back to normal now,take carex
    Thanks for pic comment, sure you will beable to look 10x better I was 6months pregnant, tired from back and forth travelling and slightly swollen x
    Accepted- I think you just need to make sure u tell the makeup artist what u want, and if she doesnt speak very good english, make sure there is someone who does x
    I like it, it's where I met my hubby and there are a few of the staff still there now so it's nice to go back. My folks are going on Sunday for a week so it can't be too bad :) Just remember Tunisia 5 stars are not exactly our 5 stars, but it's still lovely. When is your wedding? Hope you have a fab time x
    Hi Jennifer, not sure if it's too late but catching up on forums. Did you manage to get hotel booked for ur wedding night? You can book Palm Marina on and shouldn't have any problems. I was there last week for a week and coulda tried to help if I had known.
    hi jen
    sooooo glad you had a good time, i know what you mean about eating so much lol. I am on facebook but whats your name on there so i can find you.xx
    hi jennifer im home now :( i had a fantasic time while out there. Met his family one the first day and he only told me an hour before we left to go and see them so i really didnt have time to think about it and get nervous anyway even if i did get nervous there was really no need need as they welcomed me with open ams as i said before his mum couldnt speak a word of english but there were lots of hugs and kisses and hand on hearts and sam was there to translate evrything that was being said lol I ended up visiting them four times and it was lovely plus during ramadan there was no probs i just made sure i had my long cardi with me but his mum insisted that i took it of while in the house as it was so hot but i did put it back on when ever we left there she even insited that i drank some water there but i kindly declined and waited untill after 7 when they were allowed to eat and drink to.
    hi jennifer lol @ clumsy im excatly the same think it might be safer if i just nod and smile lol.Today has got to be the worst so far been up since 5 this morning sooooooo nervous lol anyway im of tomoro cant wait to get out there to see him and have a bit of sun of course lol will let you know how it went when i get home.:)
    I'm glad you're OK!! :D Lemme add you. You want me to delete the message with your email on?? I'll just go write which one it us, although it's in my album labled "Tunisia". :D
    Heya, hunnie. Was just wondering how you are?? :D How's the wedding plans coming?? :D I tried to upload a piccie of the place I was talking about last week, but the image wasn't visible for whatever reason. :confused: Do you have Facebook?? I put an image of it on there. Lol. You can tell that I WILL be getting married there. :rolleyes:
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