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  • Steal me idea, why don't ya??????????!!!!!!!!!! :p
    What do you study at Uni?? :D
    Me and my boyfriend have a LDR (as in, we live 23-miles apart), and we struggle with that. :( Couldn't imagine doing the whole LDR thing like most of the people on here!! :(
    How do you cope with it?? :( x
    When are you going to see your man?? :D
    April is a nice time of year in Tunisia, I found. I mean, can get chilly, but way warmer then here!! :D
    I'd love to get married in the ampitheathre in Dougga. :D It has this archway that overlooks the most amazing scenary. Not sure if you can get married there, though, but I can always dream!!! Lol. :D x
    Thanks. :D
    Have you booked a wedding date yet, or month?? Lol.
    We got Islamically wed last December, when I was pregnant. We wanted to get wed over Ramadam, but the Immam was busy.
    No plans for a "legal" wedding yet. Lol. When Lilia's older.
    It was just us, the Immam and four of his friends as witnesses, and our "real" wedding will be equally as small but with close friends and family. :D
    Where's your man from, hun?? x
    Hi Jennifer!! Aahh thank you it was so wonderful and it was very intimate but it was perfect.. I was just so pleased to finally be able to say im his wife lol i couldnt stop smiling!! Yes i totally agree hun, speaking on phone,msn and texts isnt the same, you two will be speaking for hours lol.. When is the big day hun?? I wish all the happiness and love for the future!! Hope you have a perfect day!! Your more than welcome cant wait to hear all about your special day hunnie xxx
    Thanks for the friend's invite!!!!!!!!!!! :D How are you?????????? Congrats on your engagement, hunnie!!!!!!!!!!! :D xx
    yehhh imok thanks how are you? x
    oh wicked! having a nursing degree would be amazing!!!! so eventually are you wanting him to live here or you go overthere!! ahhh honestly dont worry! the fact he wants to meet your family is really good and its a great ice breaker! im so happy for you! dont worry about anything just enjoy it! have you booked your flight! it looks so expensive i been looking for flights too around sept and i cant beleive the price!!! im not married yet but really hoping to end of the year!
    heyy, thanks for the add x
    Oh wonderful honey! I bet you cant wait! honestly dont be nervous because tunisian families are soo amazing and make you feel so welcome and your be treated like a princess and stuffed with lots of food!! your family will love it to and its great they are going over with you to meet them! how long have you been together? any plans for marriage?
    ahh no probs! i just thought id drop by as i remember you saying you was going around the same time as i did in april. me to i am finding it so hard to be away! thank god for web cam! but its not the same! i hate the distance! so what are your plans to be together?
    Hi hun, i hope that your well! i was looking at your picture with your man and thought it was sooo lovely!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    i took a pic of nour at PEK, bet you it was right around the marina! i really love Kantoui :D
    Good afternoon Jennifer hope that you are in good health! I am so glad that you like it, have a nice day x
    Hope that you like this little cutie , If not i can change it no problem..x
    Hope that you are in good health! You see you are getting the hang of it great.. What picture what you like as your avatar ?
    Hi Jennifer yes i am fine thank you ! How are you ? Jennifer when you want to send me a message CLICK ON MY NAME and then you will be directed to my PROFILE otherwise i won't know if you have answered me..I just happen to be passing by as i knew that you may have left me a message on your profile..Don't worry it all takes time to get used to all the buttons, i am sure that you will get the hang of them soon..By the way this is the original it is Cheb mami and Elissa x YouTube - Elissa & Cheb Mami ( Halili ) ????? ? ????

    By the way i do and always have loved this song but i am not really keen on the singer as to what he done..Read this Singer Cheb Mami Gets Five Years in Prison for Forcing Girlfriend to Have Abortion
    I found it :) YouTube - cheb mami & ZAHO x
    there is a song I have on the cd from the hotel I stayed at, it has male + female vocals and the Dj titled it Wili Wili? I don't think this is the correct title but I would love to know who sings it. Is there any way I can attach the song and send it to you to see if you recognise it?? Hope you are okay xx
    YouTube - NEW NEW- Rowaida-Bala 7ob 2009/2010 -NEW NEW This is a nice song too. x
    Thank you so much certainly know a good song when you hear one. How are you? x
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