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    Any successful relationships please

    Hi Tarkatos, I have a happy marriage, we've met slightly more than 4 years ago, been married for 3 years and he moved to sweden 2 years ago. He is egyptian (when it come to relationships i think it's no difference between weather he is egyptian, tunisian, maroccain or algerian), but when we met...
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    swedish visa

    If I didn't reply your question, pls let me know and I will try to guide you. Jenny
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    swedish visa

    Hej! by biometric do you mean the interview at the embassy? Anyway, after that all his paper will be sent to migrationsverket. That can rake some time. When they received it they will send you a letter with info about what forms you need to fill in. After you sent in your forms it's just to...
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    Now there are almost no flights to the north african countries holiday resorts from scandinavia. Acctually this last year i don't know anyone as has gone on holiday to tunisia, marocco or egypt. But i really hope this will change soon.
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    Chit Chat about anything..

    M has never been sulking but from what he has told me how the men are treated in the arabic culture I think it's like TMD says. They are used to be pampered by their mother and sisters, and told how great they are just because they are men. M told me that when his home his mom and sisters still...
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    Congrats to your upcoming wedding! The good thing with being married to a Tunisian man before is that you are well aware of the culture :)
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    Divorce - about to or have divorced a Tunisian

    oh that was a good price, I payed 600 euro to my lawyer but that of course it's not many swedish speaking lawyers in Tunis;) so she had a higher rate re to salims post at 1st page, the quote didn't work for me, so now looked from out of nowhere:confused:
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    Tunisian Kitchen

    Yes, I know. That's what I wrote :confused:
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    Tunisian Kitchen

    That's true the Tunisian kitchen differs a lot from the gulfcountries and Lebanon. This I can never tell my husband;) , but I actually prefer the Tunisian food than the Egyptian since I like it really hot and spicy.
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    Tunisian Kitchen

    I'm like you, I also eat with my eyes, the food I eat must look beautiful at the plate. I just have one exception, a traditional dish from north of Sweden, pölsa, as is one of my favourites, and that one actually looks like someone has puked at the plate:eek:
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    Tunisian Kitchen

    What are your favourites in the tunisian kitchen? My favourites are brik and harissa. I'm glad that my local supermarket here is selling harissa :)
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    Tunisian Tea

    Hi Sarabslimene, me and hubby just made some mint tea and here comes our "recepie", well acctually his... ;) This is the egyptian way of making mint tea but I guess it's quite similar as the tunisian tea. Boil water and pure in a pot. Mix equal parts of british breakfast tea and dried mint and...
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    another successful visa

    Hi Salim, at you can find animations to use at facebook, forums etc. Rightclick at the picture you like, choose properties, copie the pic's URL and in the post choose the button with the tree and paste pic's URL....and voilà have an animation in the post :)
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    another successful visa

    Congratulations to the visa!
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    Congrats to the visa and for a happy life together!