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  • oh bless u..thanks for nice message...just wana go relax really dont wana think ab nothin babe...right now i dont think ab april goin there but ill be fine, cant wait to see him anyway..thanks again xx
    hi jess..how u been?? im not too good..havin some paperwork issues with home office, was workin in this country 5 years, but i didnt register there and they dont wana accept it with payslips, bank statements..nothin...now i wana apply for residence card and gona have to wait 1 year even to apply !!! i feel like crying coz wanted my hubby to apply for visa here and now its not possible :-( feeling realy devastated ..
    oh thats nice to hear ab ur mum and family, glad ur ok :)
    im fine, counting days till 24th april...( ha i know , no point now) i bought this gorgeous dress for summer (so praying its gona be hot) ha, hope my man will love it :)
    hey jess...how are things? whats new??
    Yeah, we'd definitely get to know each other much better that way. I met him last summer ... I'm aware that our thing isn't leading to anything serious long-term, so I'm just trying to take things easily. :)
    Well, I have only been two times so far, so hotel only. I don't know about the next time, though, maybe I'll stay in an apartment with my guy. :)
    Hehe, that's what I thought. Even one week (for 1 person) can be really expensive if you're staying in a hotel, let alone 3 weeks! :S
    I imagine TEFEL can be very useful! Wow, 3 weeks = awesome! Which part of Tunisia are you going to? Will you be staying in a hotel/apartment or at your boyfriend's?
    I don't know yet, lol. :/ What do you study? I can't go before the end of June, because I have exams, so probably then. If I go at all, of course. You?
    Aw, I'm sorry to hear you don't feel well. Then we're on the same boat; I miss everything, but especially people from there, too. :( I'm finishing my last year before going to university in the autumn. What about you?:)
    Hi! Thanks for adding me back. Oh, I have been better - I have tons of work to do (studying etc.) and I miss Tunisia. :( How are you?
    oooo im want to do that now as that deal sounds good! going to look it up..thanks jess
    Awww that sounds like a good plan, going into teaching is always a good option as it pays relatively well (if u do the core subjects) and in your case will allow you to travel around!...is the TEFEEL course the one you do on the internet for like £400? or did you apply through your uni?-
    errmm im going to take a year out and go Tunisia for 3 months....then im either going to do a pHd (i love doing science experiments but hate the write-ups!) but more than likely do a postgrad in teaching ooo i just dont know lol....thank the lord that you dont have to do a dissertation....what are your plans when you finish...mind you, you still have a couple of years to decide!
    hi jess
    hows it goin??wats new? im goin to tunisia end of april..aaa cant wait..wish it was april already ..
    lol trust me the time will go by soooooo quickly! before you know it you'll be writting a dissertation and wondering what the fcuk your going to do with your life lol...
    p.s march come by so fast and you'll soon be with your guy :)
    Im in third year thank god lol cant wait to finish....i go to Queen Mary in London....he's from hammamet so we always stay in hammamet lol im guessing your a sousse girl? everyones boyfriend on here seems to be/work in sousse lol
    lol my story...been with my guy for 1 year 6 months, been 2 tunisia seven times going back next week lol i met him at a hotel (where he was a waiter) and yea the rest is history lol! I know workload is too much at uni but im just being lazy...whats your story?
    ye why not,hopefuly we meet up.. we will see how things will go and make a decision :)
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