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  • hey..i do go by myself, all the time, ive been with my man just over 2.5years :)
    i fly to monastir, previosly stayed in tunis also and in his hometown in south, but monastir is the most preferable, as theres lot of tourists which i need lol, smtimes i stay in hotels, smtimes at his aparment :) how long u been with ur fella?
    end sept.09 for a week...been like ages...u usualy fly to monastir? where do u stay?
    damn...lucky you !! :)
    hey sorry i know it was a bit random lol!
    Im fine thanks just bored in uni how are you??
    hopefully soon and u???
    hi jess...good to hear from u :) u have very nice album pics :)
    im doing fine, missin my man more and more each day..lol, hope things are ok with u xx
    Depends on when I go back, like if I went this wk then yea his families but april probably hammamet x
    I've stayed in Hammamet, aand his family house.
    Oh everybodies guys on here are sousse lol x
    He is from a town called Sbeitla but when he works he works in Hammamet?? was your guy a hammamet guy? rying to remember now.. I would love to go back end of next month, but also his bday is 12th apr and my 21st is 18th apr so sometime around then also, which is when u will be there :) x
    Oh that is good to hear that you are talking again, she will come round to talking about him soon, mums have to knw lol.
    I am ok just keep job searching, I really need to get out there and see him again and not having a job means not knowing my financial situation which means not knowing when I will see him again :(
    so poo
    when will u be going back?
    u got facebook?xx
    Just realised we're not even friends how rude is that lol x
    ha no used to , but not anymore..:-( ill wait for them here then
    Hi Jess,
    ye, i had a lovely xmas and new year, spent with my family, was great but short..now back in UK xx..u have any pics from ur holiday?
    Hi girl,
    read your thread...sorry to hear that..right now i think give it time, dont talk to ur mum, let it settle, i know how u feel..if ur mum dont approve the relationshiop u cant be fully happy...so try to relax and not think ab it for now ( u can talk to me anytime) and for now just be happy with ur guy xx allthe best
    Ihave friends at UNI n bath, I am from Weston x
    Hey I noticed one of your locatons is Bath, you at bath uni, or is bath your home town?
    I dont live too far from bath.
    Where did you meet your boy?x
    Hi Jess...everything is goin good, been little busy lately at work but flying home to slovakia in 2 days yeee...realy need some break lol ill be online though
    how are things with u?
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