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  • Hi hun, so you applied a week after the lot who just got their answers, so you could be possibly getting answer next week if the pattern continues- good luck, looks like we need it! x
    Hi .....omg how scary is it goin out right now ? But much needed ! Howlong u been with ya fella? Im goin to PEK and Kasserine to see his family after we marry.Where in Sousse are u staying? x
    if you want to phone me you can. 07864352534
    im chris
    hi there, yes im going on the 6th and so glad someone else is. im going to sousse, where are you going. ill be wearing a green 3/4 coat and jeans. hope to see you. congrats on your wedding
    Aww my flight has been cancelled ..im spent all last night cryin...now ive calmed down it looks like im goin to fly from manchester to gatwick and then from gatwick to tunis....how can u give up on love and marraige..?? thanx so much hun x
    Hi hun, sorry but flights 6th Feb are cancelled
    Thomson update at 2pm says UK flight cancellations to Tunisia

    Thomson Airways has now cancelled its flights to Tunisia up to and including Wednesday 26 January due to the civil unrest in the country. Thomson and First Choice are also allowing customers travelling up to and including 16 February, to amend their holiday for free.
    Wish it was more positive news
    Hi, just thought I would let you know, I had a quick look and BA from Gatwick still flying to Tunis and you can get return for just under £120. Not sure how you would stand with insurance as going against FCO advice, but to get there for your wedding, it may be the only option IF Thomson cancel the flights.
    Aww shme it didnt work out but also good that u can remain friends.No we are stayin in Hotel Kanta ..we always stay there its like my second home...I love Kantaoui were marrying in the harbour and havin our " party" in the restaurant where he proposed .Well we are if it goes ahead x
    Thats wonderful, I love kantaoui. My man is here in Manchester with me. We have been together for 10 years ( we met when i was 20 and working over there). We have seperated now but still good friends for the kids sake and he is paying for my hol. He he Bit weird I know going on holiday with an ex but hey free hol. Made a joke about it cos its like my ex hubby is paying for me to go to a war zone.. R u staying in an apartment?
    Nah hun, more like crap timing unfortunately. Congratulations for the wedding, start of a new life for you and the country, seems like perfect omen.
    Where u getting married?
    Hi Joolz, we are flying out on 6th Feb too ( hopefully) Thomson have cancelled flights up to 23rd Jan so far. Fingers crossed things will start getting better.

    I will let you know if I here anything else. We are flying from manchester at 15.55.
    Haha i don't survive on 200 mins, i also have hours and hours and hours of MSN video use! i save the phone calls nowadays for quick calls during the day to say hello etc then i save the lengthy conversations for MSN Video in the evenings xx
    Hiya, im with vodafone and i pay £20 a month on top of my package and that gives me 200 free minutes to Tunisisa :) If you go over the 200 minutes, then its something silly like £1 per minute!!!!
    its nice to meet someone near,whos daft enough to love someone from another country. lmao xx
    what is hubbys name or initials if you dont mind me asking,mine comes from zaghouan xx
    I do but im at work right now....should be home around 8 ish...my msn is [email protected] if u want to add me...thanx all info is gratefully accepted haha
    we are marrying in hammamet.do you have a local phone line,i could give u a call and tell you most of what i know for the costs etc,its a bloody nightmare,,i could call on mobile but no bloody cred lol
    We could well know each other...I get married in Kasserine what about u? no bloody idea how much this is all going to cost...where is your man from?
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