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  • That's alright, no rush :)
    Doesn't matter what kind of room, as long as there's room for two people. And half board or no board.. also doesn't matter really. We're just looking at prices right now so that we can compare :)
    hi hun.goon tunisiair there flying still and wen i looked it was quite cheap.really hipe you get it sorted.someone i know had theres cancelled and there getting married.take care xxx
    hi huni,il domy best for you ok,,,u know i will,is that a hotel youmentioned in that message??is there a website jose.how are you doing??hope allis hamdoulla xxx
    Hey Josephine! Thanks for your message :)
    Do you have a website or something?
    We were looking at going the last week in June or somewhere around that time. Maybe for the last two weeks in June, depending on when my exams are. What would the rates for Kanta be around that time? And when is the cheapest time?
    my facebook is teresa n kairi mohsni add me then delete my mobile and facebook of here.yeah it was great to meet you in the mad circumstances,im not well got kidney n chest infection jus been doctors.il def keep in touch wid you and i hope and pray all goes ok for u in tunisia,let me no wen u go bak etc,godbless love to u to xx.
    hi hun.im home was so nice to meet u to,my number is 07912859503 u can call wen eva,il be there n inchallah all will be ok,wot time did u get to ya sons?take care godbless,keepme posted with everything ok xxxx
    still sellling the ticket. if you want to leave your email address and i will contact you. i will delete your address when got it.
    hey hun, thanx for the message only just read it sorry. im goin away on the 26th sept and was going to go into an hotel but we have decided to go in an apartment now as it will b a lot easier as zak my husband is staying with his family while e is over there, so to make it easy for zak to spend the nites with me we getting an apartment. so im now looking for flights. goin from manchester birmingham or east midlands even doncaster is a possibility.
    2 weeks so coming back on the 10th oct. it you can let me no that will be great cheers
    take care becki xx
    Hi Josie, I'm in Tunisia now - only going home for a week and then that's me officially retired and here for the forseeble..................
    Hi Josie, Sorry I don't do FB. Glad you're getting through everything and things are going well.
    Hi Josie, Sorry didn't get to catch up when I was out - one week is never long enough!

    You're welcome to come up - I've no plans at the moment to return until business is sorted out. Just let me know when - it'd be really good to see you again. x

    This weekend is good for me.
    ive added you to msn if you have it. x x x
    hi to you all so different culture still not got our license really hard somethings are good but like everything ups and downs. Hope things good with you just really tired working working to try aND learn language still aymens family do not accept me really think it is the age difference and causing problems but what will be will be take care all love xx
    Hi Josie!! How are you? Are you settling in ok? Hoes the business going? Haven't heard from you in ages. Hope you are keeping well!!! xxx
    hi flying to tunis saturday,will stay there 2-3days,then go south for another 3-4days and then sousse till 8may...would love to meet up of course..didnt arrange nothin yet, what about u?
    oh glad to read ur message..it inspire me more to share my thoughts n ideas...but sorry i didnt saw ur friend request anyway i will add u. no prob.. everyone can be my friend!!!!
    have u got email addy and i'll pass her number on x
    hi josephine...im dasa,gettin maried in tunisia and desperately wana go there [email protected] i smy email....how ar eu traveling?
    im near london, in hertfordshire. my number is 07949328871
    hi josephine.. are u serious about what u said? If u are im definatly up 4 it.... its a matter of emergency now for me.
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