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  • Oh not sure cause I normally only search for Monastir....Yep come to think of it I think BA is the main one for Tunis, damn BA! x
    Im pretty sure Aljaye is going with BA but she will be flying from Bristol, not sure about sweetiedarling. I would wait hun, I know its awful when you have the money sat there, your just dying to do it but just hold off a little longer to be on the safe side or have a look on otbeach at the other airline going out that day x
    Ahhh!! Me too! We could be on the same flight, im having to hold off til next week to book though cause dont get paid til then :( Grrr! How annoying are BA though?? There is still another flight going out from Gatwick though that day and price isnt too bad either, its on otbeach x
    Dont book wait love xxxx
    Oh and Aljaye and sweetiedarling are flying out that day too!! :) x
    Hey kaylee, just noticed your looking to book 28th April....where would you be flying from ?? (if all is ok with BA that is) x
    hi kaylee,..thanks 4 message..to b honest, not too good, lot of stress with papers , nothin is comin on time, still waiting for some things from home office, still need to get visa, im goin 24april but panickin now, on top my ineternet dont work so things are great..just feel realy down....wat ab u ? how are things?? xxxxx
    thanks for rememberin me xx
    hi kaylee I read that I need to have my original birth certificate re-Issue to a resent one and that it should't be no more that one month old form the time of re Issuing for it to accepted in Tunisia for the civil marriage.
    Could you please clarify these point for me..
    many thank
    Aah, that's good. My husband hasn't celebrated his birthday since he was 16, I told him that this would be the last year that there wouldn't be a big celebration for his birthday, xxx.
    Hey sweetie, I'm okay thanks, stressed of course! Have one more week of work then I'm off to see my lovely boy, can't wait. When are you next going over and what did you do for your birthday? Hope you managed to have a good time despite being away from your husband, it was my husband's birthday a couple of weeks ago, it sucks a bit more being apart on those kind of days doesn't it. Hope you're well, xxx.
    Sure why not? :)
    hi Kaylee many thanks for your reply concerning the certificate of no impediment. I understand that the law in Tunisia require a man be be a Muslim to marry a Tunisian Muslim woman. my family are Muslim and I been told that I have to proved that I am Muslim. I living in the UK and wanted to know how do I provide information about my religion that will be accepted in Tunisia. really appreciate your help...................
    Thanks a bunch Abdus.................................
    Goodnight x Sleep tight
    hi kaylee you mention that for a british national to get a certificate of no impediment he or she has be in living in tunisia for twenty one days, is that correct because I will be going to tunis to marry my fiance in may but I can only stayed there for two weeks, do you thinks that can be a problem. please could you a carification many thanks abdus
    just wanted to wish u a happy birthday.:)
    You cheater you so your 22 anyway still have a nice day x x
    Happy birthday Kaylee hope you have a fantastic day xxx
    You are more than welcome x x
    Happy birthday hope that you have a wonderful day and wish you all the happiness for the future..x x YouTube - happy birthday to you:)
    Happy birthday kaylee, all the best to u, lot of happiness !!!!!!!! Xx
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