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  • hi karen,hopemyour well and ok,did you getr my message the other day?still tryin to work this all out,im offin 26 days and can not wait,reaaly excited and a bit nervous.its only me and my daughter goin no other family.just hope it all goes to plan and all mt papers are right,takecare xx,
    mo told amkrem you were in hospital, hope you are feeling better now. Have you got eberything sorted for him yest? we are waiting for his national insurance number and trying to sort bank account out so having to send off for a provisional driving license to get him linkedd to this address.....madness as he can drive on his tunisian license for 12 months then has to stop driving or take a test in uk........
    Hi, Snap I will be wearing a red coat also. lol. It took 5 weeks 2 days,[ but long story ]was getting really fed up as alot were putting apps in after us and recieving messages before us. Had to do some phoning and e-mailing finally recieved e-mail back thursday for him to go friday at 11am, or any weekday at 2pm.. so i thought it was going to be a NO. Been following everyone else's stories on here, .was shocked when he called and said it was a yes. Still on cloud 9 . Can't believe he is coming.
    yeah same flight....congrats to you both, its a great feeling isn it . How long did you wait ? ours took just short of 3 weeks what a relief. I will be wearing a red coat let me know and we can panick about immigration together ha ha..
    No hun..i was back here..and it was horrible not to have been there with him and then wait seperately but i guess worth it in the end :) xx
    Hi KDW we put the application in on the 13th of January and my hubby got the call from the embassy on 22nd January to pick his passport up today (25th January)
    Hello - its Emma - did we meet at the Soviva?xx
    hi kdw, how are you? about soviva i have a nice time there, i was in may, there were not many people at that time but all staff was nice with me ( i was on my own)..the pool was great, the food and the service as well....and yo got a nice cafe opposite to the hotel " la terrassa"...if you got any ? about what's around soviva let me know.xx
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do....
    hi welcome to the forum !!!!! at the end i booked at soviva, i have to have great time there.....xxxx
    Hi KDW,
    Welcome to the forum ! Did you get past the "confusion".
    Took me a bit to get the hang of it too ! Welcome
    Hi, Trying to get use to how this works... Looks confussing!!!!
    Hi welcome to the forum
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