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  • hey i need a little advice and was hoping u could help but I dont know how to PM on this thing! xx
    hi ,my name is barbara i read you living in tunisia ,so i just to ask you something if you dont mine pls.i got someone special there and i just want to buy him a laptop but looks like this is no that easy like i was thinking ,i wish to choose online and pay but the uk page ,yhey not sending to tunisia ,so fed ex? or maybe any tunisia page and just send to another city .advise me pls ....
    Hi Kelly how are you ? Hope that you and your family are all in good health! What have you been up too ? Are you now here in the UK for good ? I saw your lovely little man , his name is very similar to my sons but just cut the aan out..We just call him K or KK most of the time anyway..Take care it was lovely too hear from you, hope that you are on more often , Have a nice day x x
    Ps beautiful pictures ...Also forgot too mention that you posted a messages for me on YOUR profile and it was only by chance that i saw it...
    Hun, I am 50 my hubby Sofiane is 40, the best thing is my kids who are 27, 25 and 21 say they will help.

    That makes it easier for us, by the way i have looked at you pics of your son he is sooooooooo cute lol Life is for living and you have the cup of life in your hands.

    You are such a nice person take care xx xx
    Hi, we go back on the 12th Sept for 2 weeks can't wait.

    You are soooo lucky to have your wee chap, it won't happen for us but we plan to adoubt. I can't bring myself to go to the childrens home bcz i would bring them all home with me. Its so sad its so nice to chat with you again.

    I am so pleased you are soo happy take care and keep in contact plz xx xx
    Hi Roulla,

    Thank you for the lovely message and yes it was his first Christmas, I have added a picture for you in his 1st Xmas suit lol, he will be 1 this month, a year gone already!! but he is doing fab a right cheeky little character :)

    Hope you are well Roulla and your family xx
    Hey hun how you doing? and hows the wee guy he is soooooooooooo sweet lol xx xx
    Hi Kelly hope that you are in good health! I was thinking about you and thought hey this will be your sons first xmas and as he will be 6 months old he may understand a bit now, that's really lovely and so is he..Look after yourself and don't be a stranger, take care and hope that the new year is full of joy, happiness and plenty of laughter for you and your family x x x
    My god Kelly it's so nice you are back, your little prince is beautiful.

    Wait till I tell Julie about your little boy.

    Take care all of you.
    Helen xx xx xx
    Thanks all - I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Kaisaan on the 28th June 2009 at 5.35 am and he is absolutely adorable he is my profile pic hehe, love being a mummy and enjoying every precious second x
    Hi Kelly i see your a TEFL teacher, i am currently studying that as i want to do this when i move out to tunisia in october, tell me is there jobs over in tunisia in that if so where and how do i apply. thanks
    Hi Kelly, a friend of mine needs some advice and I noticed one of your forum posts and thought u might be able to help. She overstayed in Tunisia by two months but then paid for her visa. she returned to England to visit family then when she arrived back In Tunisia she was deported and has not been allowed to go back even though she's been home 6 months. Do you have any idea what she needs to do as the embassy are being no help at all x
    hi kelly
    hope you are well, i have just read your post about how you met your man well the same thing has happened to me just wonder if you could offer any advice to me please.
    hii kelly. how that youu are okaii. congratulatiions on the pregnancy : ) hope its goiin well for youuu. take careee x
    Hi Kelly hope that you and your family are all in good health! Hope that you have been ok, read that you was having a baby Congratulation x
    Hi Kelly
    I will be moving back to Hammam Souuse early next year where abouts do you live
    Hiya Kelly!

    Whats accuring?

    How are things

    Take care
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