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  • how are you doing!!!!
    Hi, I've sent u an Email, have u got it ??!!!
    Hiya hows life, hope you are okay xx xx :)
    hey!!! how are how you doing. Hope all is well with you. take care.
    Hi Kimberly! Nice to meet you! I will send you a friend request on facebook. I'm Holly Luzader. I wanted to let you know so you don't think strange people are trying to friend you hahaha!
    Hi Kimberly!! Where ya from?? :) I'm from WV. Hope to get to know you! Do you have facebook??
    Kim how are you do u have email so i can give u my number cos i planning to shop in the city this weekend. My email is [email protected] I also have facebook Annette Testouri. Hoping we can meet.
    Thanx Kimberly, i cant believe how friendly and helpful everyone is .
    I did visiting my 93 year old grandmother. I hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful week.
    Hello how are you doing. To think i drove the highways of CT yesterday and today. was visiting my family in Rhode Island.
    Kim. how are you doing. so sad that you won't get inform on your bf. but is their someway I can help you. I will be more then happy, to help. cos me and my husband talk everynight. And he a very kind heart man. We need to meet. Enjoy your day.
    Kim, it would be nice to meet up in the city. I also planning my trip about the same time as you that was about the same time i went this year. And planning another celebration. God willing if we both in tunisia at the same time would love to invite you as well.
    When are your plan to travel back to Tunisia. I'm planning my next trip already, but no date have date open " due to embassy appointment, cos i have to be there also. And keeping my fingers cross."
    Is a small world finally I met someone closer. I live in the bronx. Do you visit the city. If funny cos I ask my husband you travel a long way to fall in love. Cos most of them look for UK ladies. He say have talking to me for a while, his heart choose me and his the first time he falls in love. And we have been married for almost six months.
    Hey!! I was your weekend with the family. Did you enjoy and relax. Doing well. what part of CT. cos my brother live in Hartford.
    Enjoy ur weekending with your family and hope you have fun. Take care and we talk soon.
    Thank you sweetie, keeping my fingers cross and hoping for the best!!!! Is a big step for him as well letting go. So how you been!!! Stay strong as well!!!

    I was the same i would just get back to the uk and start counting down the days for me to return lol

    Time goes quicker than you think, stay strong :) :)
    Hi hun,

    Do you know something the wait is the worst, but it's all worth it lol :).

    I love my husband and he looks after me, you will be okay and you both will have a great life together xx xx :)
    Well kim, is well with us. I slip the visa process. I started the green card. Just waiting for the responses. Well now we just waiting for the appointment and god willing it goes well. I can't plan the trip for now. But so looking forward to going back to jendouba.
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