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    Hi all,
    Hi Chris, it's me Thomas. These are my photos. I wanted to find a manufacturer of suntan oil. Have you in Tunisia? Were you in England. You have lost your e-mail?
    In the commentary, I found suntan oil producer. I am happy. thank you
    Could you pm me pls, as i am unable to start new conversations....Thanks
    Kris could you help me please i cant see how to remove or change my name can i or you remove my surname ?
    Hi Kris have not seen you on here for ages, how is your wife and family doing in the UK ? Take care
    Ok Thanks i nip on but with the kids screaming all the time its short bursts. Hope everything is fine with you!
    Hi LIsa: Please do not do this as you will be banned for spam just add you information to your forum signature.
    hi there is it ok for me to post my hairdressing advert on each different forum? thanks Lisa
    Hi Kris

    Can you cancel / delete my profile / account please?

    I cannot write anything anymore, when I click reply, the forum posts an empty message!
    Hi Kris, any update on the changed avatar?? I would like my casper ghost back please. Thanks
    Hi Kris

    I hope all is well and I just want to thank you for setting up a great site. However I do have a complaint and was wanting to run it by you.
    It seems that a certain moderator has a chip on her shoulder (sorry to be direct) whenever she is questioned regarding her insulting remarkS she gets very patronising and childish an down right rude. If a junior member was to make the same remarks there would soon be major issues and I feel it is now becoming a baised site.
    A little banter and disagreement is normal in a forum but she takes it to extreme. A moderator is there to keep the peace not cause the war.
    Also is it against to have more than one member in the same household??
    Hi Kris,

    I hope alls well, could you delete my profile for me please, just getting annoyed with the childish playgroung behaviour.

    Thanks in advance

    Kam x
    Hi Kris ,please can U read my thread and answer it?i am REALLY confused.I have red about the wedding but still have questions about it.If U like and are able to ,i can give U an e-mail address.
    Hello again Kris. Sunday night my avatar was a ghost. When I logged in yesterday I had been banned with no reason given and my avatar changed. I was then unbanned sometime yesterday. Thanks in advance x
    Kris i am looking for the moderators forum and cannot seem to find that and all the buttons are missing as well can you please let me know what is going on..Thank you.
    Bizzare I will look into it can I have the last time you saw your old avatar?
    hello Kris. Please can you tell me why i was banned this morning and now i'm not? Also why my casper avatar has turned into a witch overnight?!!! No matter, i quite like the witch but was just wondering how come i'm unbanned!! i was not given a reason for the "never" ban, nor a reason for the ban being lifted!!!!!!!!
    Hi TOS,

    It was obvious what happend its my forum and i acted to stop the situation esculating. Thats the end of it if I thought it was a deliberate comment she would be banned immediately.
    all the fuss can be passed by in case soussennika clears everything instead of staying silent and sending her lawyers to defend her.
    Hi Kris
    Could you please find out who put that pic as my avatar? I did not ask for it, and would like it to be removed. It seems some people on this site do not lke what I have to say, so act in a childish manner by putting ridiculous photos up on my personal profile without my say so. I would have expected more from a 45 year old woman, especially one you trust to help run the site for you xx
    I need a better understanding of the Certificate of non impendent. I just got one from my country I'm from the USA. "Certificate of no impediment to marriage: Now this is a time sensitive certificate so give your-self time to get this done. You need to have the details of your wedding with your fiancées details and go to your registry office and they will (for a fee) place a notice in the window for 21 days." I confuse of these lines need a better understanding and I planning to get marry in March. And my stay is short in tunisia need to know if i need any other papers. Thank you.
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