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  • Sadly we were refused at the appeal. The Home Office ***** said that they could only look at documents supplied at time of refusal, so whats the point of an appeal? She also said that the documents we showed in court were good and that if we re-apply he would definitely get his visa, so now my husband is taking the TOEIC tests in Tunis on Wednesdy and we have an appointment to hand in visa application on 13 July. We have provided everything and sworn statutory declarations, absolutely everything is covered, please god let us be together at last
    Hi Laura. i have my husband's appeal hearin on Friday 8 April and pray we get same answer as you did:) We provided so much evidence to show incompetance of embassy and even letter from British Ambassador in Tunis apologising to us for teh series of delays tbat ha sled to my husband and I not seeing each other for a year:( I have so much documents and i dont trust embasy not to bring anything so i have kept every piece of paper and bringing it with me. Wish us luck and i hope to have good news soon xx
    Hi Laura-Saif, sorry hope u dont mind me sending u a message, im just looking for some info really, i know ur husband just got his visa and wanted to say congratulations, its so stressful time for youi bet... u will be glad he go it .... can u give me an idea of what documents u submitted, we are just married and going to be putting ours in soon to, i have some things but panicking and jst want to know if there is anyhting i have missed or would help our case..... thanks Danielle xx
    hey hun sorry iv not been on for ages . been busy with the wedding etc . when we got our appeal allowed we were told it might take up to 4 weeks for the embassy in tunis to get the decission from the judge and the home office so i wouldnt worry about it till its been longer than that . it only took 2 weeks for ours to come through but i was surprised at that cos usually they take ages . i also had to produce more bank statements and pay slips for the embassy before they issued the visa incase my finances had changed since the initial application . marwan went to hand them in from tozeur to tunis and back , he got a call to go for his passport the week later and they had stamped his visa for the same day that he handed in the documents x
    Hi Laura-Saif, My husband and I have been apart for 1 year in May due to wretched ECO (LEE) now a former ECO, total incompetant sod who refused him saying he had no money to come to UK when he produced bank statement showing 1,700TND and no skills for work in UK when he produced a diploma. Anyway after a long battle with the Embassy the judge in the UK has allowed the appeal to go to a hearing in Walsall on 8 April and I pray that it will be ok as we have provided everything. We have corrected all the issues that brough us up on and have supporting letters from my doctor and family. What was it like at the hearing and what did you have to do? I have my friend who is our rep coming with me, im so scared and nervous xxx
    Thanks Laura i will pass it on.
    What would be the best way to contact you?
    hi laura thanks for reply not guna do visa until july as my hubby guna do english in march so gives me lots to think about.im looking for job but only able to work part time because of costs for someone to care for my son.congratulations on your visa hun xxx
    Hi Laura I was wondering if you have the time if you could speak to my friend.
    Hi Laura I was wondering if you could please offer me some advice about the appeal process. Im still in bits at the moment just cant stop crying, its so unfair. I dont know where to start at the minute xxxx
    hi laura plz can u give me some information on how your visa was granted hun.so happy u got it though gives us hope for when we apply, thanks amirah xxx
    Hi Laura....hope you are ok.....and I bet a bit calmer than the last time we chatted......just a quick question did you say that the embassy missed their 19 week deadline to submit their case agaist you to the tribunal?.......but they just gave you a court date anyway..?????.....Thankyou.....x
    hi laura congratulations on your appeal. im like you im on benefits and have 3 kids to look after and hubby got refused his visa in december so we just waiting on appeal i know it a tough call of waiting what things did you do to help with appeal ive been in contact with my local mp and just waiting for him to get back in touch with me xx
    im new here and i need some help would you plz help me
    thanks in advance
    Hi Laura, thanks for that I have added you but not sure if I put a space in after your name anyway incase I did this is mine: [email protected], hope your well and everything is
    Hi Laura

    Just wanted to ask you how your getting on with the appeal as today mine was refused, Im so gutted but Im so angry at the same time. Im thinking of getting a solicitor involved as I cant get legal aid and I want to make sure I get it this time. What did you do?? Can you advise me hun, take care it will soon be November and I hope they overturn your visa. take care, Lisa xx
    Ok I thought it might be something like that ..x
    hey hun, how do you pay for things on ebay just realised that I am committing to buying things, and it says paypal....??
    hey hun hopefully u check my page as i cannot comment on urs. well appeal date is set for november been advised to send all paperwok correcting problems to embassy as they may over turn decision. so at moment sorting all that.... congratulations an enjoy hubby being here hun xxxx
    hi laura
    how is things with u????
    dont no if u read but hubby got his visa after 11weeks....he arrived last saturday.we both still cant believe we are togther but what a great feeling.....how u getting on with the appeal????
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