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  • listen cutie.. the only advice i can give u its please dont think negative it will eat u alive turst me.. wait till u speak to him and then if somthing is wrong u deal with it dont start thinking bad things now u will only hurt yourself. good luck hugs :)
    hi my name is yasmina i saw ur picutres u are so cute together congradulations
    Thanks for the request Lauren - delighted to accept.
    LOL Thats ok hun no worries, im to busy typing away and paying attention i forget to add people lol xxxx Hope you feel a bit better hunnie xxxxxx
    I am Becky on TLR. I was not involved in that argument. If you read again, note the date & times (friday night) I was offline and didnt get involved. I posted afterwards (sat morning) saying it was childish (aimed at everyone who was involved) and for it to stop
    Lauren, dont know you and dont really know why you are accusing me of something I didnt do?? TLR - if ur on about the argument the other night I was not involved. Maybe get your facts right before accusing people?
    Ok hun xx.........
    Yes i did not think of that...Goodnight x x
    Glad that you had a good time..You can have a avatar avator if you like:)x

    YouTube - happy birthday to you
    I am not really one who likes to sit in the cinema as i get fidgety but i absolutely loved that film it was really good, hope that you all enjoyed watching it..I have put up a note for you in the Happy birthday thread in case you did not see it in your profile..x
    Hiya i have just seen that you said that it was your birthday today so so sorry that i did not mention it but you never put it in the calender, happy birthday and hope that you had a fabulous day and plenty of pressies..x
    haha good idea!! maybe I April :) x
    do you not, well u should.... maybe u should do a little whisper in his ear :p x
    He does say it quite often, BUT I dont believe him hehe :p only natural though !! x
    hehe I was only joking anyway, just seen u spying them :p Thanks I love being called pretty its really nice gives me a boost :D xx
    Hello NosyParker :p how du like my albums?? hehe x
    i think i got myself in trouble lol
    i was only trying to help coz i know that BM said she was busy and would put stuff when she had time! :(
    no your understanding it wrong lol. he doesnt want her wants nothing to do with her. she just tries to make problems cuz she is jealous
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