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  • Hi Lea hope that you are in good health! What have you been doing with yourself as i have not seen you for ages..
    awww thank you soo much hun, its fgood to be back on T.com i have missed not coming on here for a few weeks x
    Hi Lea ye im grand nu? ye i sent one but i dont know what happened n i cant remember what i said in it now!!!!!! oh well if i remember i start again. :)
    aww yea. its like when i was coming home 3 weeks ago my bfs friend asked what the time was in arabic and i answered him in arabic. i didnt even know where that came from either lol x
    Hiii,I did French through out school. I finished doing in 4 years ago but i still know it lol. I started doing arabic at college when i came back from tunisia my first time. but i finished after 2 months. but i have learnt through myself mainly. when i went to tunisia always i always talk arabic to my friends and my bf. it is improving alot everytime i go xx
    Hi Lea hope that you are in good health! How have you been..I have not seen you on here lately....x
    Morning Lea, hope that you are in good health! Glad to hear that you had a nice day relaxing on the beach...I will see what happens when i get to Tunisia..Take care x
    Hi Roulla! I'm good thank you, nice to hear from you ...have spent my day off relaxing at the beach (in La Marsa!) :) How are you? Any further with the Tunisia plans? x
    Hi Lea how are you keeping ?
    Hi Lea hope that you don't mind me asking but what do you do for a living ?Are you married to a tunisian ?
    Hi Lea hope that you are in good health!...How everything going in Tunisia ?
    Ps to reply to someone so that they can see you need to just click on their name and then write a message in their message box..
    Don't worry- always nice to be welcomed -thanks! :)
    A bit late but welcome to the forum Lea and hope you enjoy it.
    Thank you all! I've been an avid reader for about 3 years now...thought it was about time I joined!! - It's a great forum :)
    A big warm welcome to the forum!!
    Welcome to the forum :)
    Welcome to the forum , hope that you enjoy it like we all do...
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