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  • Aahh bless ya hun!! I hoep it all works out for you babes!!! Im good thanks just really missin my hubby but just keeping myslef busy lol xxx
    Hey sweetie, hope you ok and not to stressed!!! If i read nymore il keep you updated, i have wrote down your flight details hun,hope you dont mind so i dont forget lol xxx
    hi sweety.. i havent seen u on line.. im hoping that ur doing well.. worried about u. i know what ur going through is not easy wish u all the best good luck hugs :)
    little miss nutty.. i have been reading all ur story.. im so sorry for the pain he caused u . im sure its really not easy but i wish u the best dont worry u will find somone who really deserves u.. u are such a good person u will see . hope ur ok be strong hugs :)
    Hey bb*hugs* Im busy working, my boss is making my life hell :(

    Anyway, here you go:
    Ktebt ismek 3al rmal ama el mouj fasskhou.ktebt ismek 3ala yeddi ama ghsaltha men ghodwa.ktebt ismek 3ala war9a ama nsit ou lawa7tha.ktebt ismek fi 9albi ou ghadi yo93od.

    Mana3rafch 3lech inti special liyya, 3lech te3jebni, 3lech enn7ebb netelhe bik, 3lech dima enfakkar fik, 3lech enn7ebbek ama en sur min 7aja, illi 7yeti min ghirek matkoun 7atta chay.
    Hun Im so sorry this has happened to you..but you are better than the low life scum who have been messing with your life. Its hard I know but rise above them, let it all go, get the tears out and try to move on. Hate him as much as you like but dont dwell or you'll end up feeling bitter, believe me I know from personal experience. xx
    huni, like i said if you want to chat here for you anytime (FB) unfortunately its been a week since i found out about my guy and it still feels like yesterday i'v not cried much but thats the kind of person i am right now its all building up inside & no doubt soon i will explode which aint going to pretty!! in time you will be fine babes & look back & think why did i waste my time! be strong, big big hug xxxxx
    just hopin im not gona end up the same..i mean how well do u realy know the other person when hes in the other end of the world...xxxxxxxxxxx stay strong xx
    hey LMN, sorry to hear that, definitely not gona say i told u so, how could u know, its not ur fault, its his and just remember its good u found out now rather than later...i agree with u dont wana call him again, i think its wise and u are strong...if u ever wana talk , please let me know xxx
    Oh thats not good!! Thanks for letting me no hun xxx
    That's sweet, hello :)
    Oh have they mad a final decision because they were chopping and changing their minds?? Nah im currently using the 02 your country sim was going to buy the talkmobile sim in a few weeks xxxxxxx
    hey lovely im ok thanks babe u?
    Huh you have lost me news about TM?? What or who is this hun??? xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    hey girl , told u so told u so told u so,,im sincerely happy for u xxx...let him feel the pain a little bit lol xx
    Aahh hunnie its gonna be a little harder with v day on sunday, im not looking forward to it either.. Well try keep your chin up babe and i totally agree HIS LOSS!!!

    Aahh bless ya dont be silly your not rude!! Im ok just pushing through the days xxxx
    Hello babe!! Hows everything this evening hun?? Havnt been on most the day, had to have a break my eyes were killing me!! Hope your feeling better lovely, thinking of you xxx
    There's this user on here, how's really pissing me off, yesterday he brought" a mate" to the forum pretending that he's Tunisian, and I swear to God that he isn't.

    He sounds exactly like the other one :(

    I don't want them to translate false stuff and members would write them down.
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