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  • Sadly we were refused at the appeal. The Home Office ***** said that they could only look at documents supplied at time of refusal, so whats the point of an appeal? She also said that the documents we showed in court were good and that if we re-apply he would definitely get his visa, so now my husband is taking the TOEIC tests in Tunis on Wednesdy and we have an appointment to hand in visa application on 13 July. We have provided everything and sworn statutory declarations, absolutely everything is covered, please god let us be together at last
    hi, hope all is well with your husband being here. just wanted to ask, how did u present the visa application when you took it in, cuz i heard they dont like poly pockets or files lol. grrrr such a nightmare. thanks xxx
    Thank you very much:) I will let you know what happens, please god let it be good news at last xx
    Hello, quick question hun, mu husband sappeal hearing is on Friday and hope to god when it is overtured can he fly out from tunis with BA or does it have to be the national airline Tunis Air xxx
    yay, ive managed to get some on here too but still find me on FB if you like :) x
    Hiya hun! Ive just seen your post!! many many congrats and well done him!!! :) The wedding was fantastic, such a perfect day, wonderful weather and everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to (I was so nervous they would be bored haha). K got VERY emotional though and had a bit of a meltdown after the ceremony cause of his family, it was heartbreaking and I didnt know what to do with him but we sorted it out and had a blast in the end. Havent got the professional pics through yet but there are some on FB, send me a request, im Rosie Trabelsi and you can have a nose :) so please for you both!! x
    Thanks so much hun, only 2 days to go and we will be married, feels like we have been for years already though haha. I really hope Mohammed finds work soon, I will keep my fingers crossed for you both. And the sun is out today, yay!! Makes it a bit nicer ofr them doesnt it :) All the best for your future together x x x
    hello, yes hoss did the same with halifax. but for proof of ID my mum wrote a letter and showed her council tax bill saying that he lives with us and she owns the house.
    well hoss has been searching for a job like 10 hours a day! if only searching for a job was a job, he would be rolling in it lol! he has got 1 days work so far, as a translator. but he doesn't even know if he's gonna get paid for that yet. but literally he's applying for everything! he even applied for a role at my company, one that is 3 levels senior than me! lol! of course he got turned down but he's got his finger in a good many of pies as he keeps saying 'i've got nothing to lose' x
    Hiya hun!!! it really is amazing. Everybody kept saying oh it will be so hard, he will change when he gets here, it will be really difficult etc etc but I can honestly say from day 1 we have had a blast and he has just settled in like he has always been here. He isnt working yet as he isnt allowed to on the visa type he is here on but we get married next Monday :))) and he can officially start work then. Luckily because he has been here he has been able to look around, make some contacts and stuff and he has been offered a job and been asked to help out at the local garage (he is a mechanic). Thats IF we get the settlement anyway - arghh! How is Mohammed doing? Has he settled in and got used to the lovely sunny english weather haha x
    he has worked tonight and last night as a pot washer in my friends restaurant. Very proud of him. We are also both job hunting and applying like mad...times are tough! He is settling in great though and everything just feels right :) hope your well lovely x
    hiya sorry i've not replied sooner, not been on here for a while. hoss is getting on well thanks :) he's started looking for a job, still waiting on his national insurance number to come back. what have you done about a bank account? has mohamed got his own one? coz i thought it's quite hard to get a bank account here. i'm thinking of adding hoss to my bank account if i can. seen some of your pics on facebook, look like you're having a nice time together :) xx
    Hello Lloydy7179, Congratulations to you and your husband:) Wishign you a long and happy life together. My husband and I have been apart for 9 month snow due to wretched ECO (LEE) total incompetant sod refused him saying he had no money when he produced bank statements and lots of other things which he provided. Anyway after a long battle with the Embassy the judge in the UK has allowed the appeal to go to a hearing in Birmingham on 8 April and I pray that it will be ok as we hav eprovided everything. Did you go to appeal and what did you have to do? xx
    ooo thats not too far!I was looking at basketball teams for my hubby there! I am in Eastbourne, East Sussex....you must be so excited...i couldn't sleep at all last night so I hope he comes soon or I will be totally sleep deprived...Have the best day tomorrow lovely...wishing you all the joy and happiness in the world!
    bet tomorrow cant come round quickly enough for you lol have a lovely day and a lovely life together xo
    can't wait to know when he is coming...ill be thinking of you sunday...im down south where are you? xxx
    It soooo wasnt aimed at you!! And if you read my post again i actually sed that it started as a lovely thread and was taken over by others. Im sorry you thort it was aimed at you.
    Hi there :-) I am very happy indeed but I need to wait till Monday to be sure because his biometric details need to come back clear...Ill believe it when he has it in his hands!!!! I just google national insurance number but i think the website is www.taxback.com...anyway i jumped the gun, once Mohammed is there fill in the online form and they will call you super quick and then he will have to fill a form they post to him and it will take 2-3 weeks for his number to come through xxxx much hugs xxxx
    Congrats on ur visa!! Stamps are not needed for a person leaving on a settlement visa - they will tell you that they are - hubby has friends who work at customs in Tunis and they are not needed. They take them from them and sell them on! x x
    soo happy for you both and mabrouk from me and my husband, i wont be staying on this website as i feel someone has spoilt it for me but the most important thing is i am happy.
    take care xx
    so happy for you it hurts xxx
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