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  • hello you,
    hows things today????????
    Oh dear hun what were the reasons for not over turning it?
    I will help all I can if you need before the hearing date, make sure you take a copy of all the paper work in the same order as you send to the court and then you can refer to them easily. The judge was very fair when I went although didnt allow me to go into detail much just answer yes or no but if you have all the refusal reasons answered before you go the jusge will have read these and so all you need to do is confirm the answers, again hun here if you need me for anything.
    Mal struggling to settle its really hard much harder than we both expected but we are fine, now Ramadan here its harder but am sure we will be ok.
    Just wanted to let you know we got the appeal decision today and they granted our appeal. We have to wait for paper work to get back to Tunis and then he will be called to take his passport for his visa. I hope you manage to win yours if I can be of any help at all hun dont hesitate to ask. xxxxx
    how long have you waited for the over turn now they will not let you know unless you email them then at least you not waiting every second for something that has already been sorted.
    Good luck with everything If I can be of any help just let me know xxxxx
    Hi Hun
    I wish you luck with the overturning and with the appeal if you have to go down that road. I only know of one had her appeal refused but their application was a mess and even I wouyld not have given the visa they had rushed it and missed lots of things. The appeal can only deal with what they refuse you on and what was issiued in your application so they are having to do it all again she knows she was silly but knows now what she has to do.
    I am scared stiff over friday dont know what we will do if they refuse another app wouldnt help cos nothing different we can do so all pinning on this friday.
    The embassy are complete prats they lost letters and then refused saying they did not say what they clearly did unluckily for them I have copies of everything so can show they lied
    It will soon be here honey and then you can just sit back and breathe a massive sigh of relief when all this is over. You have so so much to look forward too. Keep strong xxxx
    Hi hun yes you know who I am and I know who you are:) Just wishing Friday to be over real quick so is my husband xxx
    Poor you. I remember that emptiness of missing him. BUT, you're lucky to have visiting him to look forward to, I sometimes tell hubby I'm sorry that he's here because I miss all that excitement !! He thinks I'm terrible LOL. Good luck with the appeal and just imagine having him here with you. Take care and have a great holiday x
    HI Lozz. Thanks for your lovely comment. We're going over to see his family next month, first time for a couple of years. Am I right in thinking that you're back and forth regularly?
    hi lozz thanx for the offer. id really appreciate some help with this and if u can get a copy of saif's b cert for me really i dunno how i could thank u enough :)
    hi lozz u got fb?sorry to ask out right but,i need some help n was reading some posts,i need a b cert im going threw the same as some 1 else on here,thanks loads,[email protected] xx
    Not sure what you were refused on but only concentrate on the refusal points. I completed the appeal form and put myself as rep and sponsor as I knew we fitted all the criteria and was confident I could talk to a judge about our circumstances if it came to that. I recommend you send the appeal form to Loughborough as they'll acknowledge it and give you a ref. number and the deadline date that the Embassy have to reply by. Mark 'oral hearing' on the appeal form so that if they don't overturn on the extra docs you send in then at least you get your day in court. Our case was with the Embassy 18 weeks before I emailed and within an hour I'd had a decision, their work rate is really bad but I'm hoping that now they have a new Manager, things might start to get better.
    We were refused on not proving recourse to public funds and adequate accomodation so I could tell you what documents I sent to justify this if it would help. Let me know if I can do anything else for you. Good Luck.
    Hi Lozz hope that you are in good health! If you want to give me the details i will call my friend when she is in the office on Monday it is up to you but i will do it for you no problem..x
    hey hunni first thing u need to do is log the appeal in uk as you only have 28 days then u need to look at refusal, my hubby was refused on 4 grounds but i went to appeal and basically fighted and within 4 days had decision and visa is allowed xx
    Hi Lozz, I will help as much as I can. do you want to send me a private message or find me on facebook or give me a call? I'll add you as a friend and then send you my number xxx
    Ah i see it says its closed, from the looks of things, just for 1 day, don't know why they are on strike :-( xx
    Really?!?! I hadn't heard that, were did you hear that?
    Hiya, i've added you to msn and deleted ur message on here :) see u on msn xx
    I know its all a bit crazy at the moment isn't it! Mohamed is about 10 miles away from Tunis centre, but as unfortunate as he is, he is tucked up in bed sick for the last few days, so even though im going out of my mind that he's sick and i can't be there to look after him, it's nice to know he's not outside in the mess!
    I've only heard of schools and universities closing, i think if the embassy closed they would put a note up on the worldbridge site?!
    Unfortunately there is nothing we can do but persuade our hubbys to stay indoors and stay out of it all. Us wives, just need to relax and keep busy, hard i know, believe me, im stuck working from home at the moment as i cant drive (tendonitis) so not mixing with people and staring at the same old 4 walls is making me a little insane!
    Are you on email or facebook? on constantly logged on at the moment but T.Com logs you out after a little bit of non activity! xx
    Yeah me too, so difficult! Its a hard one about the flight cos you don't want to book it incase he gets the call soon, but then can you afford to pay the more expensive flights when the time gets nearer?! Are you on facebook? xx
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