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  • Hi Lozz, its so nice to hear from someone exactly in the same boat (with timeframes too). I also have been ok up until this week, i think subconciously i was thinking they would call him the 2nd week after new year, but it doesn't seem to be that way! I'm off to see my hubby next week, just for 2 nights but its better than nothing! Do you feel that cos its going on for so long your losing your positivity?! that's how i'm feeling! Good luck too, i hope we both get good news very soon!! xx
    Hey we seem to have lost touch, how are you and is your husband here yet?? x
    i suppose you are local tunis.
    i would like to get in touch with you...
    how are you, i found on forum post, looks active memeber here : )
    are you native Tunis !!
    if yes then you could help me out, i want to have some basic information about life in tunisia...
    I am in talk with some employer so, i may make a move to Tunisia...
    HI fantastic news my husband received his visa on the 8 october and i am ecstatic!!! please call me soon and tell me all your news... my phone numbers are still the same
    love and xxxx
    Hi Lozz
    I hope you are ok?.....
    I was wondering if you could help me with our visa application.....I am stuck on what to put for the state/provience for my Husbands place of birth????.....he was born in the village of Cebbella.....but do you know what I have to put for the state/provience....Thankyou!!!....
    Hi lozz...one question, part 5 in application, is emplyonment and finances , is it about me or my hubby? Doesnt say it
    thanks so much, will ask u if i need smthing xxx
    sorry lozz, one more question - is the online application the only application that needs to be printed off and be taken there? or do we need to print the normal form and fill that out too? coz i heard the online one doesnt have all the questions as the one we can print normally.
    yeay thanks,we went through it before, wen i was there and im planning to do it myself (no offence to hubby but dont wana no mistakes ha), in that case i can fill out online wat i know and i can save it and fill the rest later if i dont know smthing, is that right? and in the end i save it again and then he can log in and print off the filled out aplication and the apointment confirmation is that right??? thanks soo much xx
    hi lozz, did u do the application online or ur hubby? can i do it myself for him , coz dont wana mistakes on it, or does he have to do it? after that does he need to print anything orhow does it work please? thank u xx
    hey..they will take it into consideration for u, coz u had appointment, i did not and still dont have any :-(
    good luck to u , hope u will get appointment soon and good news
    hi lozz , was gonna apply 2 weeks ago - maybe a week after it was closed...got all papers in tunisia with my hubby and just worried they will be out of date...:-(
    when are you looking for?
    Yeah, have i spoken to you before about the apartments?
    Hello hun u ok???

    I cant remember the dates that you were around in tunisia but il give you my email and then if you want to try to arrange somehing to meet email me and il give you my number and we can try sort something xxxx Hope your ok lovely!!

    Its [email protected] xxx
    he is still in tunis........i got a reading from that woman tonight and its really good, she reckons it will all be sorted by thursday........cant see it like.why the hell did police tell him to go to tunis if he still cant get it..........xxxxx
    hello.........he still hasnt got b3 in tunis, told him to go back tomorrow......someone is taking the piss here like.......xxxx
    Hi Lozz,
    I just noticed you are from Washington, me too :)
    Just wanted to say hi and wish you luck with your visa application.
    I can always make time for coffee, if you want? always an excuse to escape my life stuck in books up to the ceiling,
    x x Lisa
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