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  • oh really? that's good news for you, i hope all works out well this time for you :) i was just thinking of you yesterday actually as i heard the name wajdi and it reminded me of you lol :) have a nice holiday xx
    Oh sweetheart i really hope that being without you has made him realise what he has lost you are sweet and lovely and he is very lucky to be given a second chance. My comma isnt working on my laptop so my punctuation is dreadful sorry lol. I know you will be careful and i truthfully wish you all the happiness in the world keep in touch and i will be in hammamet at the end of aug and i would love to meet up with you if you are there xo
    You don't have to tell me how you are feeling i can hear it through your post and i am so happy for you ..Inshallah i will see you there x x
    Hi Lynsey hope that you are well, judging by your message you are beaming with rays ,,,Anyway if i am in Tunisia at the same time as you i would love to have a coffee x x x
    Hi Lynsey, Try contacting Gem15 and she and Najwa rent out apartments - they might be able to help. What are the flight prices like from where you are?
    HiU Lynsey, I can well understand you being careful and protecting your emotions - that's wht I'd expect. Hope it all works out for you the way you want it too 'cos all we want for you ius lots of happiness. Great to see you back on here and we will support you unconditionally.

    Hi Lynsey hope that you are in good health! I am very happy for you, hope that you two both manage to work everything out, wish you all the happiness in the world x x
    Hi Lynsey, I'm so pleased to hear from you and I'm fine too. Glad you're doing well. Concerned that you're going down a road you've been down before and been very hurt - most times there's no going back to what it was but just maybe (and I really hope so) it will be better this time.

    You must be very strong to have made this decision, especially when some time has passed and you've managed to cope with all that happened. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

    When are you going across? xxx
    hello, we got married on 17th october last year :)
    aw glad you are keeping busy, you should get over him soon lynsey, it's been a long time. you should move on and find someone who treats you nicely as you deserve that.
    oh no, no kids yet! definitely not lol we are not even living in the same country together yet and i'm only 21. i have plenty more years to think about kids haha :)
    Youre being very sensible taking youre time starting a new relationship, i had a long term relationship end and i rushed into marrying someone else, believe me it was a big mistake, i always say i kissed a lot of frogs before i found my prince lol We are booked to go to tunisia in june but by the looks of things we might not even get over then, thank goodness my husband is over here now or my nerves would be shattered xo
    Hi sweetheart lovely to hear from you, glad youre starting to mend, it will take a while but you will get there in the end. When i separated from my first husband i thought my heart would break, but here i am now, married to a wonderful man and happier than i have been in many years, it is true that what doesnt kill you makes you strong. You are a lovely warm and caring person and one day when you least expect it youre prince will come hxo
    hiya, i'm good thanks. i'm married now :)
    how are things with you? x
    thanks for your message, i think about you often and hope you are doing ok, dont really know what happened between you and your fiance but i know youre better of without him, youre much to good for him xo
    Just to let you know i am thinking about you and hope you are ok xo
    Happy birthday lovely :)
    Im glad hes much betta now, one less thing to worry about! im not too bad thanx, have to get on with things dnt you?? Not expecting this month to be easy and expecting tears x x
    Hi Lynsey!I'm sooo pleased/relieved to see you back-you're a fighter!Sometimes we all have to go through tough times but it's how we cope..Anyway,welcome home-still as 'mad' as ever,lol!I'm sure there'll be a really great new man in your life soon,if he hasn't arrived yet!But it's sometimes best to have a breather before starting a new relationship!
    Hi Lynsey! Nice to hear from you! How are things with you now? Things good here. Off to Sousse next month for 1st year anniversary! God it has passed soo quick! Have you been back over? You still working hard? Let me know all your news! You still have same mobile number? xxxx
    hey hun, hows you?? Is ur dad any better?? How life is being kind to you x x x
    thanks hun have got it and deleted it so its not findable online. will email you x
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