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  • Hi Lynsey

    I'm not sure if you are aware, but the following e-mail address: [email protected] is showing at the end of all threads that you have started.

    I hope it is not your work or private e-mail address that you don't want to share with the world :)

    Hey Lynsey, hows things with you? i see your post about learning arabic, i need to do this to but am afraid i wont be able to learn it. but need to stay positive n we will master the language, well how is ur fiance?
    I would like that! Where do you usually stay in Tunisia? PEK?
    I can't send it through e-mail because the file is too big. Tried doing it with a few friends and it never worked. Give me until tomorrow morning to move things around, upload the file, then I'll send you the URL.

    Hope you are doing well and that you have a wonderful day! :)
    Lynsey, I have a Tunisia Arabic - English dictionary. If you want it, I'll re-upload it and send you the URL. You will have to download it to your computer though because I need the space for other things. If you are interested, just let me know :)
    To change from junior to senior member depends solely on how many posts you have made. I cannot remember the exact number where it changes - maybe 100 or 200.

    To go to Moderator, Kris has to decide to make you one.
    a nice wee diamond set in gold, and you? xxx
    Never mind at least you will soon be finished and get away home to bed. That was very romantic! What ring did you get? Bet you were over the moon! Did you know that he was going to propose? I did so wasnt a surprise but was great all the same. ad a few JD's at the arabic club later to celebrate! Went for meal with family first then for coffee and a pipe for Wissem!
    Will be a few years before we are able to live over there, would like to keep my house here and rent it out, get a bit of an income from that which would help!
    Hope that you feel better soon xxxxx
    Hey hun, hope ur ok. Its a new thing - its jus Niez sayin that he agrees with ur post and likes it.x x x x x x x x
    Hi Oh her face was a picture! She was sooo happy, all the family was there and was a great night. Had to have a couple of Jack Daniels before they came though was a bit nervous! Must have been reeking of booze when his mum kissed me ha ha!!!!!

    Your not feeling well? thats not so good, its just a pity that you werent going over this month like you were meant to be, Im sure that would cure you of all ailments!

    Oh if only we could have a lottery win! thats about the only way i could live over there without a job!!!

    Hi back at work, on till 11 tonight, decided to come back as I only had 1 number on the lottery boo hoo!!!!!!! Most Ive ever won is a tenner!
    spoke with wissem last night and he knows that the henna and hammam will not be happening! Of course he just said that it is totally up to me and as long as im happy and I know his mum will be fine - she is just happy that I agreed to marry him! I can still see her face at the proposal party!
    Hope that this night passes quick - on early again tomorrow! xxx
    The key is to say as much as possible, don't worry about being wrong, you are learning :)
    Sure thing, no worries x
    No problem, I will ask dad about it.He knows some people lol
    No, I just need the name of the camp :)
    I didn't mean anything personal by my question, just to know where so I can ask about the name of the Military camp for you :)

    But if you don't want to, it's ok.
    Hi doing fine today, nearly finished thank god! Not on till 3pm tomorrow so thats fine. Going up to shops later put lottery on -see if I can win my fortune ha ha!!!!! You at work now? what time you start? Will have to get that movie, sounds a right laugh!
    Was reading the thread about waxing etc! no way will that be happening to me! Can you imagine standing there in front of a crowd! god no way !!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Yeah usually get away back of 10 so thats fine. On early tomorrow though so that means a 7am start! Only exercise I get is doing housework! Here at work Im plonked in front of a computer all day! Still Im sure that corset will work wonders! What film you going to watch?

    Meant to ask you, do you know what you do with the wedding certificate? Do we need to take it to the embassy to registar it or anything? Or is that it all legal after signing the papers on the day? As you can probably guess, I dont have much of a clue about all this!!! LOL
    Wissem gets all worked up as he has about as much of a clue as me! I have to laugh! Think that the wedding is the talk of the coffee shop! HAhA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Im doing fine, wish I was still off though! on till 11pm tonight, hope I get away early! What time you finished? Have you heard from your man? Sunburn is awful, Im really fair skinned so always have to watch, best thing for it is bicarbonate of soda mixed into a paste - really takes the sting out. Got an appt with the dressmaker in Aug to get my dress altered, just needs taken up a bit. Got one with a corset back - fine for when Im stuffing my face over there, i can loosen it off! Still on the diet though, TRYING!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Back to work today, had a great weekend off, and of course the tennis was great and the best man won! Great news, I got my wedding dress at last! Last shop and third one I tried on! Knew as soon as I put it on that that was it! Hope Wissem likes it like I do! Cost more than I wanted to spend but its worth it! How are you? did you have a good weekend? xx
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