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  • Hiya hope that you are in good health! To tell you the truth i am really not too sure and no it is not a stupid question at all, take care ...
    Thanks lynsey!! Yours is cute too!! I don't really know who my doggie is I just asked for a dog but sure we can call him Patch anyways!!
    hey lynsey, thank u for the photo comments that was really sweet of u!
    ur pics are so nice too
    Hi Yes looking forward to the weekend off. I always watch Wimbledon so great to be off! God knows what the weather will be like as it changes so much up here in Scotland! Have a nice time off and I will catch up with you when I get back - my computer at home is kaput! speak soon take care Diana x
    Thanks thats really sweet of you! Been a bit overwhelmed by everything on here to be honest and some stuff has been a real eyeopener! But for the most part everyone seems really nice and supportive of each other. Oh yeah, I live in Essex! x
    Hi Im fine today, last day at work until Tuesday thank god! weather is great at the moment so long may it last! At work at mom but finish at 3pm. What are you up to? Do you work? Would be great if you could see him before Feb eh? Mind you being out there alone just would'nt be the same! I think I would be real lonely, even with his family there plus I need him to translate lol!!!! xx
    Hi Well the diet going not too bad! Will have to think about the veil, maybe just a wee one! If you went out there, would you be able to visit with him? Are you engaged yet? Sure if you are they will just see you as his wife anyway xx
    Awww thanks, been reading the threads for a while and finally decided to register lol. Your pics are sweet btw :)
    Yeah, will be a great day. What started off as my wee wedding has grown to at least 200 guests and a street party! Do they wear veils out there do you know? Becky been a great help with info cos im clueless!
    Just want to shift half a stone - in 12 weeks - better sew my mouth up lol!

    Have to get a pair of Gok Wans magic pants! Diana xx
    Thats a shame that you cant speak to him often! Must seem like such a long time for you, but it will pass - and just think to the day that you see him again - wow!!!! Did he get taken in the army during the round up? Was going to say that you could always go over and stay with the family but would be soo hard with them not speaking english!

    Going to try on dresses on Monday - on a diet as we speak! Hope I find something then. Think his sister in law, sister and mum are wanting to prepare me on the day, but not wanting henna or heavy makeup! Know exactly what I want with hair but will be difficult to convey to them properly! But your right its the marrying him that counts! Cant wait!!! x
    Thanks Lynsey, hope u r wel xx
    Arrive on 23rd embassy on 24th - hope they do the coni on same day - if not back there on 25th to collect! Wanting my hair up and curled for wedding so looking for an english speaking hairdresser in Sousse. So you wont see him till Feb? My god I would go crazy!!! Can you still talk with him at least? Do you keep in touch with his family?
    Hi, That was sure an adventure you had. We visit Sousse often and hope to spend some months there soon. He is my hubby of 39 years, we had a long distance relationship as I was very young when we met but between Canada and UK, travelled together first and still are.
    I am glad i found a place with people in my situation too sometimes you tend to feel like your the only one here.
    thanks for the welcome hope to be around a while
    Thanks for the congrats, 13 weeks yesterday till wedding nervous but cant wait really! Had a look at you pics they are great! How old is your baby? just gorgeous! When are you next n Sousse? x
    Oh! it must be love! Im getting married 26th Sept, when is your big day? x
    Hi to you too..thanks for the welcome
    thanks! was mezoo that put them on for me! Im clueless at that sort of thing! Loving yours too sooo cute!!! x
    Hi , He only ever rode wild Indian horses on the reservation apart from one on the beach in Hammamet with our youngest, says I can have a Sure he`ll build you some stables.
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