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    hey chick,

    thats so good that you have heard from him, its a shame that you are working on a sunday, its so hot xxxx
    Hi lynsey, Yes sure does eh? We are off there july 8th for our friend Mouniras brothers wedding down by El Djem, we stay in Sousse. so excited. Love your photos.. My hubby builds stables for a living....he is always off somewhere nice in the countryside or at the race courses.
    The job is yours girl...... chat to you soon all the best.
    Lynsey hope you dont mind had a look at your pics they are very nice and you look so happy, i wish you all the best too.
    I dont know bout them beong the 2 main schools but i know they have English speaking schools in Sousse and Tunis so it will be easier for me to teach. im doing teachng English as a forgein language at the mo cos i cant work as a social care worker over there which is a bumer but ill get over it. my hope for the future is to open a creche/playschool over there. if i come live in Soussse hopefully we will meet up
    Ah im so sorry to hear that, my partner was saying he might get pulled for the army to i hope he doesnt. Eh well it dependes on where we will live he lives in Hammamet at the mo cos of his work in tourisim but when i move over might live ther for a while but i think i will only get a job teaching english in private schools in Sousse or Tunis. hope you got all that lol
    Im good thanks, n u? im am seeing a Tunisian n im marrying him next March. im moving over in October so fingers crossed everything will go ok. what bout u
    Thank you. its great every1 so nice
    hey chick hows you? nearly the weekend x
    Aw I never regret anything i say /ha--does that get me in the doghouse !
    Thank you lynsey for friend request :) :) hope you are fine :):)
    My pleasure ! Anytime you need something just ask !
    Hun, thank you for your PM - it reduced me to tears - ur kind words, thank you so much, and once i get my head cleared a little today (touch wood) i will get back to you. Just wanted to let you know that i havent forgotten xxx
    hey girl
    my friend went to Jamaica and got me that top over come I cant send you a pm?

    hows you? sorry haven't e-mailed you back beeeeen so busy

    kam x
    Hi lynsey

    thank u for your friend request , really i appreciate it
    heyy thankss :)
    hi mistle,

    yeah no problem, i will pm it to you :)
    hi lynesey how are u hun? could u do me a favour and send me the recipe for Harissa, I noticed that u had it on one of the threads, thanks very much xxx
    thanks lynsey x hope u are well x
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