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  • hi hun sorry about that was just deleting them all, you can send it now.. thanks x
    Thanks you, I will google them x
    I thought that this one was really appropriate for you but if you don't like it just tell me it only takes a tick to change it...x
    Hiya i got a really good one for you...
    there is also a banana on a camel
    which animal would you like , there is a cow, drunk cow, bird, hampster, mouse, tree you name it and i will do it for you,,,
    Welcome to the forum, sorry i am late so mant people can't keep up..
    hi lynsey, I see you got your pics up. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!! Cat, horses and camels. Love your animals !!
    Hiya.. I would photocopy everything - I have a basic sponsor letter on my computer that i will PM you, that you can edit to make more personal to your circumstances. I will PM you bit more info with that letter in a min. xxx

    last time i was there was May 2007 i think :)

    about the visa, thats good to know as i thought not having my own home may have caused a problem so thats a relief :eek:)
    when i do the visa i will send everything i have and everything my mum & dad has as well as the covering letter.

    thank you soo much for your help, really appreciate it :)
    Hiya - yes that sounds about right with the saadia team.....When was u last there?

    About visitors visa....Get your parents to write a cover/supporting letter also to say they are welcoming him to stay, and include a copy of the tenancy/mortgage agreement/lease etc... Its should not cause an issue. Remember more evidence the better, they can refuse on insufficient evidence, so make sure you include all you can, copies of phone bills, msn conversations, letters, photos, your passport stamps etc. xxxxx
    Hi hun

    Myself and Wajdi was talking last night and this morning about this and we both decided that the visitor visa would probably be the best thing for us to do.
    I am ok showing my bank statements and whatever else they want, he can open a bank account but the only thing is that i am living with my parents at the moment, they are happy for him to stay with us but would be still living at home cause an issue as i dont have a council tax statement or anything like that?

    thank you for all your help, really appreciate it :) xx
    hiya hon,
    We live not far from sheffield....
    the visitors visa I think you will be ok with.... especially if he is working. He will need his work certificates to prove that he has worked for his employer and a letter would be great from them too.... obviously with a visitors visa the main thing is to prove that he will return to tunisia. remember that if he returns when he says he will he will get another visa!!! he will need a letter of support from you to say that you will financially support him through his stay because he cannot work when on a visitors visa!! you may need to prove your income and will also need to provide details of your home, eg council tax statement and a few fotos are good!! then he will show hisbank details, if he hasnt got a bank account get him to open one and try to put a bit in there hon!!
    a fiance visa you will need to provide details that you are going to get married in the uk within the 6 months....
    any more questions just message me
    Lynsey...I will pm you xx
    Hi Foxy Lady,

    Oh right, where abouts are you?
    If you dont mind me asking how long did it take for the visa to come through?
    Wajdi (my fiancee) is working during the season so he would be coming hopefully at the end for a few months, do you know if this would cause any issue's in him getting the visa?
    I have spoken to him about it & we are wondering what information they will need exactly, im ok showing my bank statements & inviting him to stay with me but is then just a letter from his employer all he will need or will they want more?

    On the link Jasmine sent me there is also a finacee visa, do you know anything about this, iw as advised that it may be easier me trying for one of these but i dont think they can stay as long in the UK as they can on a visitor visa.

    Your advise is greatly appreciated, thank you very much

    Hi lynsey,
    I am not far away from you. With regards to your post on applying for a visitors visa.... My now husband got a visitors visa to come on holiday here but as Jasmine says you must prove financially you have enough money for him to stay and support him and also you must be able to prove his return to tunisia. For example letters from his employer, return flight tickets, letters of support from your family too are also good.
    any questions feel free to contact me.
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