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  • Hi Lynsey!Greta to hear from you again!All is fine with my guy-me and the kids wednt to see him last month-such a laugh!Can't wait to see him again!What are you up to these days?And your horse?Rgds to your family.TC.
    Awww sweetie I can imagine it must be difficult. You have to know though that it is his loss because you are an amazing woman and any man would be lucky to be with you. Know too that all of us here care about you and will be here to support you if you can find the strength to come on more often.

    My family is doing well. I am three months pregnant with baby #5! LOL That means when the baby is born I'll have an 11 year old, an almost 9 year old, a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old, and a newborn - not to mention the biggest baby of them all (my 36 year old hubby:p)! It'll be a full house! LOL
    Hi Lynsey I saw you online the other day and just wanted to let you know that I miss hearing from you so much! I hope that you are doing better. xxxx
    Hi Lynsey

    Great to hear from you!I'm really sorry things didn't work out with your guy.I hope you are well?Please try to come on more often!TC
    Hi Lynsey how are you ? Hope that you are in good health! What have you been up too ? Welcome back x x
    Im so glad to hear that you are ok, i was so worried.. Email me your number hun as pm dont work on here anymore, its [email protected]
    You will get through it hunnie, im sure!! Your a strong woman and will get there and get back to living your life!! Ithink you will always love him that just does not go away over night but in time things will get easier and your be fine!! I dont know what happened with you two or how you came to split but anytime you want to chat you know where i am.. Im fine thank you just very busy working... xxxxx
    well HELLO
    how the hell are you??????
    I have no contact details for you other than PM which are no longer!!!!
    there is an email addy in my contact info ~ email me hun!!!!
    OMG!!!! where have you been young lady???
    Im so pleased you have sent me a message!! I have been texting you for ages with no replies i have been so worried aout you babes, how are you??? xx
    Hi Lynsey! Great to hear from you! How are things? Did it all work out in Tunisia? What are you up to now . Im still in Scotland. Going over to Tunisia 9th June for hol - looking forward to getting some sun. x
    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. :( I've been okay, thank you.
    Hi, I haven't heard from you in a while - is everything okay?
    thankyou Lynsey Im looking forward to making lots of new friends and enjoying my new
    holiday home in Tunisia.Sheila.
    hi lynsey. Long time eh? well how are u? is ur fiance out of military yet? i havent been around for a long time on this so need to catch up. i went to tunisia after i lived there for over 3 months and im a married woman now. but i was so lonely over there ye i had my husband but u know when u want to speak to a girl n go for coffee or shopping n i never seen an irish or english girl over there. i came home for xmas n havent gone back there. still trying to get my hubbie a visa.xx
    Hope all is well with you Lynsey.xx
    get in touch babe xxx wanna see how you are x
    Hello babe i have tried to text ya after i text you the other day but no reply, hope your ok babe!! Take care xxxxx
    Hey, how have you been? Is your fiancé done with the military already? When are you going to see him? :)
    HI how are you sorry i aint been on for a while whats happening with you xx
    glad to hear it hun! :) yeah i'm good was hoping to go see him end of feb and meet up with some of the girls from here but its a no go unfortunately cant have time off work oh well will just have to wait xx
    hi hun how you doing? xx
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